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Brand Portrait: Byredo Parfums

The creations of Byredo have a distinct focus on both craftsmanship and quality. This Stockholm based fragrance house joined forces with world renowned perfumers such as Olivia Giacobetti, Jerome Epinette and Michel Almairac.

Byredo Parfums founder and creative director Ben Gorham grew up in Canada and the United States. Born in Sweden, he first trained at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art in Stockholm and worked in interior design. His eau de parfum collection was created in collaboration with such well-known and renowned perfumers as Olivia Giacobetti, Jerome Epinette and Michel Almairac. He has undoubtedly developed an approach to the creation of fragrances that is as unique as it is logical. By working with the best perfumers in the industry, Byredo has quickly become a respected brand in the international niche market. Incorporating inspirations and influences from Paris, Italy and India, from Sweden to Africa and the Caribbean, among others, Byredo's perfumes are like an olfactory circumnavigation of the globe - a voyage around the world in fragrances.

The History of Byredo Parfums

Byredo is a Swedish brand, created in 2006 by Ben Gorham in Stockholm. "Byredo" is actually a portmanteau of the words "By Redolence". If you didn't know, "redolence" means the way something smells (in a positive, sweet way).

The Byredo logo is quite striking, thanks to M/M Paris' collaboration with the brand. Gorham was a basketball player whose number was 13, which is incorporated into the "B" of Byredo.

While Byredo launched in 2006, Gorham actually started experimenting with perfumes almost 3 years before that. He worked with top-tier perfumers Jerome Epinette (New York) and Olivia Jiacobetti (Paris) to turn his dreams into reality.

Over 2.5 years, Gorham worked hard to create 5 scents in total. With these, he opened up shop in Paris in 2006.

What's unique about Byredo's scents is that Gorham is inspired by his memories and travels. This brings some special and unforgettable perfumes to the table.

Byredo Parfums in the USA

In 2008, Gorham decided to make his perfumes available in Barneys New York. This was an iconic department store that carried only the best in fashion.

After being around for almost a decade, Byredo decided to open up their own shop in the US in 2015. Their flagship store is located on Wooster Street in New York, so if you're ever in the area, check it out!

The Sale to Manzanita Capital

Manzanita Capital is a London-based investment firm. In 2013, Gorham made the decision to sell a majority stake of Byredo to this firm.

This seems to be a wise move, as Manzanita Capital isn't a stranger to fragrance companies. They've also invested in Malin + Goetz and Diptyque, which are also luxury perfume brands.

With this sale of a majority stake for Byredo, you can count on some fantastic things in the bright future of this company.

Pop-up Shop in Paris

In September 2019, Byredo set up a pop-up shop in the Marais district in Paris. Gorham named it 11, which was a reference to Byredo's Eleventh Hour perfume.

What was so fantastic about this pop-up shop was that it was designed to bring the wilderness to you. It reminded you of glamping with its chic camping goods scattered around the shop.

Byredo Today

Not only has Byredo expanded into the US, but this brand has also tapped into the global market due to their wild success. Today, you'll find their products in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Russia.

Not only that, but Byredo also has its products available for sale online. This allows people from all over the world to enjoy what they have to offer.

The Celebrities Who Use Byredo Perfumes

Love following celebrities on perfume trends? Then you won't be disappointed when it comes to Byredo.

In particular, these celebrities wear Byredo Gypsy Water:

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Sienna Miller

Victoria Beckham also enjoys anything that Byredo has to offer, which indicates that this brand offers the utmost exclusive in style and fragrances.

The Best Byredo Parfums

In 2016, Forbes actually named Byredo Super Cedar as one of the best scents for the year. This fragrance has notes of cedarwood, as well as rose, musk, and vetiver. It's meant to invoke memories of your childhood, sat at school desks. 

Another popular scent is Black Saffron, which Londoners have gone absolutely crazy for. Fragrance notes include saffron, leather, grapefruit, rose, juniper, and violet. This scent is inspired by the concept of unity in Buddhism in India.

Some other top-selling fragrances by Byredo include:

  • Blanche
  • Mojave Ghost
  • Bal d'Afrique
  • Rose of No Man's Land

As you can see, all of these fragrances give you a tour around the world, bringing you some exotic scents you won't find anywhere else. When you consider this, plus Byredo's complex perfumes, it's not a surprise that this brand is so popular.

Other Byredo Products

Byredo is quite an ambitious brand. They didn't just stop with perfumes; they expanded their product range into room fragrance, skincare, and more.

For those who want their skin to be nourished by amazing Byredo scents, you can with their skincare line. There are both bath and body products that feature some of the most popular fragrances, such as Gypsy Water.

Byredo also offers leather goods, such as stylish bags, travel and tech accessories, and wallets. If you can't get enough of this brand, then you can always deck yourself out with these products.

Try Byredo Parfums Today

Now you have a complete picture of Byredo. If you're after a luxury perfume that has the most exquisite fragrances, then you can't go wrong with Byredo.

From Blanche to Mojave Ghost, this Swedish fragrance brand is sure to have a scent that'll have you smelling your best.

Want to see what Byredo has to offer? Then take a look at our selection now. We have worldwide shipping available!