Widian: Perfume Treasures from Abu Dhabi

Widian is Arabic for "the valley" - a reference to the valleys of Liwa and Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. The noble fragrances from Abu Dhabi are a synthesis of exciting contrasts: in the luxurious perfumes, Orient meets Occident, tradition meets ultra-modernity. Familiar home flirts with the foreign - and fragrant treasures of the Arab world merge with first-class French perfumery. Widian is the irresistible lure of adventure, the eternal search for the undiscovered far away - but also the unbreakable belief that all roads lead home.

Brand Portrait: Widian 

?Your perfume is your unseen personality, expresses your mood and reveals all your secrets.?

Tradition and modernity, orient and occident, homeland and foreign countries: These are the big issues the fragrances of WIDIAN are dealing with.

WIDIAN means ?valley? in Arabic. The noble perfume house founded by Ali Al Jaberi in Abu Dhabi in 2014 (initially known as AJ ARABIA but renamed WIDIAN in 2016) combines in its fragrances luxurious oriental essences from Arabia with fruity and floral notes from around the world.

The perfumes by WIDIAN are celebrating the fascinating Arabian spirit of today: modernity characterizes the exquisite fragrances as well as elements of tradition. Captivating and enchanting aromas take us on a journey to the Middle East and to its legendary heritage.

The "guide" on this very special journey is the creator of those precious fragrance jewels, Ali Al Jaberi. His home is the Arabian desert; there he grew up with the impression of classic oriental fragrance ingredients such as oud, incense or rare Arab flowers.

Always blessed with a great passion for noble perfumes, one day he moved to the world capital of great perfumes ? Paris. There he met the perfumer Jean-Claude Astier (known for his creations for the perfume house Micallef), followed his dream - and learned the art of perfumery craft.

After his apprenticeship in Paris, Ali Al Jaberi returned home - and was now able to combine the fragrant treasures of the Arabian desert with the secrets of French perfumery in a unique way. His precious fragrance treasures tell of a fascinating journey through two different worlds...