Brand Portrait: Unum

Unum is artistic fragrance design at the highest level. Filippo Sorcinelli, the creative mind and aesthete behind Unum's creations, creates art in all its facets. Music, modern objects of the visual arts, the design of intricately crafted liturgical vestments and, last but not least, fragrance creations based on tradition but interpreted in a contemporary way, spring from his creative power as thematically closely interwoven works. After studying the organ at the Vatican Institute of Music, Sorcinelli now devotes himself to art as staging, without allowing himself to be defined by classical genre boundaries. Believing that every free man should be able to express himself in an uncompromising way, elements of his church-influenced youth flow into Sorcinelli's expressive works and into Unum's fragrances. His creations combine the classic iconography of the Catholic Church with modern elements to create timeless, fascinating objects. The Unum fragrances composed by Sorcinelli are also elaborately designed and narrate in detail, revealing their essence in exceptionally artfully designed boxes and flacons. The first Unum was Lavs, which enjoys great popularity as an incense fragrance that touches the senses and is said to be used to scent the papal wardrobe created by Sorcinelli. In each of his Unum creations, Sorcinelli refers to the hidden inner self, intangible with the hands, whose character is the spirit that transcends all boundaries and the culture that forms from it. Translated into scent, these complex works are called: Unum!