Pana Dora Sweden

Brand Portrait: Pana Dora Sweden

Pana Dora creates delicate, nature-inspired fragrances whose olfactory tones allow to sense the culture, lifestyle and landscape of Sweden. Ibrahim Al-Zouabi created Pana Dora 2019 as an expression of his fascination for high-quality and rare fragrances combined with an enthusiasm for the history of Sweden. His many years of experience as a perfumer in large international companies have since been incorporated into the irresistible compositions he releases under his Pana Dora label, which combine the Sweden of days gone by with modern influences. The great expansion phase of the once agricultural country is Pana Dora's starting point. Trees and lakes, roads, forests, markets, bubbling brooks and lush flowers form the diverse inspirations from which Ibrahim Al-Zouabi's impressive fragrance compositions are created - each surrounded by an artistic flacon crowned by the imposing cap in the shape of a stag representing the Swedish animal life. Artfully staged in this way, Pana Dora's breathtakingly detailed creations bring individual scenes and entire regions to life, tell their stories in complex fragrance creations and enchant the senses.