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Ormonde Jayne

Brand Portrait: Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne is the most exquisite collection of luxury perfumes, scented candles and bathing oils. Whether you would like to spoil yourself or buy a special gift for your beloved, this collection has everything you desire and dream of. This brand that comes from London is a great example of going back to the golden era of luxurious perfumery when all the fragrances were prepared during months of work and the resulting perfumes were much more strong and lasting. Rare oils are carefully selected and mixed with special botanical extracts like sea fennel, water lily or orchid oil to create original and smell-thrilling perfumes for both men and women.

The perfumes are gathered in four categories: floral, floral-oriental, woody and cologne. The bathing oils will give some unforgettable moments of relaxation with the same luxurious aromas and the scented candles will provide special romantic occasions. If you decide to try some of these exquisite fragrances, your life will definitely change as the special mixtures of aromas will invade your home. Or if you decide to gift one of these products, your loved ones will definitely be thankful and never forget your absolutely unique and luxurious gift that proves all the love and affection you feel for them.