Parfums de Marly

Background information about Parfums de Marly


The history of Parfums de Marly dates back to the 18th century and began at the court of Louis XV, who was not only fond of fine perfumes, but also of horses. In 1739, he commissioned the sculptor Guillaume Coustou the Elder to make statues of horses from Carrara marble. In the following years he created the now world-famous group of statues of horse tamers (Les Chevaux de Marly), which in turn was inspired by the enormous horse tamer figures in the Roman Piazza Quirinale. It depicts the dramatic scene of a horse rearing wildly and being restrained by a groom. The 18th century version of the horse whisperer , so to speak…


In 1745, the horse statues were placed at the Abreuvoir in the park of the royal castle of Marly-le-Roi . The originals of these marble works of art can be admired today in the Louvre in Paris; replicas cast in cement can be found at the Place de la Concorde, where they decorate the entrance to the magnificent Champs-Élysées.

Ludwig XV was not only a friend of the elegant mounts, but also a true perfume lover. His mistress Madame de Pompadour regularly ordered large quantities of perfume and King Louis, already blessed at that time with a great sense for what we nowadays call "room scenting," ordered that his paintings be provided with a new fragrance every day. After all, variety is a must! Even clothes and furniture were generously perfumed; the element „perfume“ apparently had such a prominent place during his reign that his court was sometimes called „la cour parfumé“ – the perfumed court…


What, by the way, also a quite  beautiful name for a perfume brand would: „La cour parfumé“! But in the case of the brand, which will be discussed in this article, they have chosen the at least equally sonorous title „Parfums de Marly“. This name brings together two themes that at first glance do not seem to have much in common: perfumes and horses. But if you look beyond the mere surface of the characters, perfume and horse have more in common than you might think. The magnificent, proud hoofed animals with all their majestic elegance, their passionate temperament and their natural grace and beauty are a first-class source of inspiration for the creation of noble perfume compositions.

The most popular fragrances of Parfums de Marly


And the perfumers of Parfums de Marly have drawn from this source of inspiration with both hands! Above all, the noble horse breed of the English Thoroughbred is celebrated with the fragrances of Parfums de Marly according to all rules of the perfumers' art: From the legendary racehorses Herod and Pegasus over the thoroughbred ancestors Carlisle, Layton and Delina to Darley Arabian, the progenitor of almost all horses of the English Thoroughbred breed alive today.

The Exclusif variants of Parfums de Marly are also particularly popular: Pegasus Exclusif, Layton Exclusif and Delina Exclusif.

But other horse breeds are also honored with their own perfumes, such as the Lipizzaners, famous as the oldest cultured horse breed, or the Shagya Arabians, which have their origins in the Austria-Hungary of the late 18th century. In addition, the focus is on the noble breed of the Arabian Thoroughbred, which goes back to five families of origin and to which Parfums de Marly has even dedicated its own perfume series: Oajan, Kuhuyan, Habdan and Hamdani let great names and chapters of the Arabian Thoroughbred horse breeding history pass in review.

Parfums de Marly has mastered the exciting balancing act between historic horse stable and modern perfume laboratory with flying colors. And of course you don't have to be a specialist in horse breeding to love the noble perfumes from Parfums de Marly. For this a fine nose – and sense for sublime grace,  beauty and noblesse….

Grasse and Paris - two places that already in the 18th century represented the fascinating world of perfumes worldwide. Not only fragrances, also the attitude of noble horses was to this…