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Initio Parfums Privés

Initio Parfums Privés: The power of alchemy...

A spiral of gripping attraction, tingling and filled with lascivious crackling, sensual-erotic, sometimes alluring, but always almost forbiddingly intense....

If one were to describe Initio with just one expression, the choice would undoubtedly fall on the term passion. It is reflected in the dedication to alchemical knowledge, traditional manufacturing processes, the sophisticated fragrance concepts and high-quality raw materials of Initio's perfumes. United in irresistible appeal, creations are presented that are created in collaboration with various great perfumers and whose seductive impulses stimulate the imagination, awaken memories and, surrounded by an aura of devotion, fill the senses. In collections dedicated to different themes, Initio's fragrances act like a secret code - emotional talismans, charismatic and opulent. Surrounded by a stylishly shaped, opaque-matte bottle, the absolute purity of aesthetics sought olfactorially and visually is evident in each Initio fragrance.

Initio's compositions are an emotional, seductive firework of perfumery! Olfactory ventures alongside traditional processes, artful formulations and the self-confident turning away from short-lived trends, create a world of fragrances that challengingly and sensitively explores the power of sensual aesthetics and dedicates itself to passion.

The young fragrance house with French roots released its first creation in 2015 and since then has used traditional knowledge to produce its first-class perfumes with the help of alchemical knowledge. The result is fragrances that engage in a lustful game with emotional cognition and entice with the irresistible effect of powerful aphrodisiacs. Named after the Latin expression for beginning and initiation, Initio stands equally for a new beginning as well as for the process of recollection and a homage to origins. A naming that thus embodies the basic idea of the fragrance house: The development of modern luxury fragrance concepts that reflect the traditions of perfumery with passion.
In cooperation with various notable perfumers, Initio's creations are developed that reflect the high standards of the interplay between top-class raw materials and first-class manufacturing processes. Powerful perfumes, characterised by an emotionally charged aura, which are more than mere fragrance and which have the power to influence moods and sympathies, to subliminally lure with pheromones and to beguile the senses - consciously and unconsciously! In its olfactory arrangements, Initio follows exclusively the requirements and the essence of the respective fragrance, without getting involved in modern trends or other external factors.
The result seems almost magical due to its action on a cognitive and intuitive level. Shimmering temperaments, behind whose mysterious fragrance chemistry stand the names of famous perfumers from all over the world - original and unbound, full of passion and stimulating impulses. Alexandra Kosinski, Pierre-Constantin Guéros, Maurice Roucel, Alberto Morillas, Guillaume Flavigny and Hamid Merati-Kashani developed the formulas for Initio's fifteen fragrances to date. With the aim of creating space for the greatest possible creativity, all the artists acted free of constraints in terms of theme and budget. Under their hands, they created fragrances with strong characters, which combine to form the major themes of the house's collections.

The Collections:

While The Absolutes collection - consisting of the five fragrances Blessed Baraka, Mystic Experience, Divine Attraction, Absolute Aphrodisiac and Addictive Vibration - unleashes unimagined powers with its exuberant essence, it appears primal and characterised by an untamable wildness, as an impulsive embodiment of vitality and success.
The Carnal Blends collection, on the other hand, is dedicated to the art of lustful seduction. Lush floral bouquets and the generous addition of the stimulating Hedione fragrance molecule form the sensually beguiling scents Side Effect, High Frequency, Psychedelic Love and Atomic Rose. They are united by a breathtaking melange of sometimes sensitive-charismatic, sometimes boldly demanding seductive artistry alongside a wealth of sophisticatedly staged and intensely luminous florals.
The series of Initios collections is complemented by Magnetic Blend. Here, three selected perfumes present themselves, united in the intense animalic seduction of their pheromonal components. Based on synthetic musk and ambergris notes obtained through elaborate manufacturing processes, Magnetic Blend 1, Magnetic Blend 7 and Magnetic Blend 8 represent a special sensory experience. They present themselves as lascivious fragrances that unfold their impetuously provocative effect as soloists or worn in layers.
Calmer, gentler sounds are found in the creations of the Hedonist collection. Their fragrances Rehab and Musk Therapy, with their stimulating and harmonising notes, stand for the carefree, pleasurable feeling of deep well-being. They shine with optimistic exuberance and beguile the senses with their glowing essence of happiness. Filled with longing and desire, Oud For Greatness stands as the solo perfume behind Initio's Black Gold Project. Furious and elemental, it sweeps the senses away in an untamed current, only to branch out the next moment into graceful notes, boldly and seductively revealing the path to the wildest dreams. Following the ancient call of alchemy, a mystical component resonates in Initio's fragrances, whose richness of facets is not limited to the isolated consideration of the individual scent. Initio combines this phenomenon, which is based on historical knowledge, with its contemporary approach and thus creates fragrances whose spectacular effect is able to emphasise one's own personality in an unexpected way. Combined with each other, new shimmering patterns and profound fragrance experiences emerge.

Layering Initio Fragrances

With this option of layering, Initio opens up an almost infinite variety of possibilities for the wearer of its perfumes, which are conceived as unisex fragrances. They were created as an invitation to be courageous, to become creative and to playfully approach one's own unique fragrance. Initio's special style of high-quality fragrances is also reflected in the selected design of its signature flacon, whose upscale concept is characterised by clear lines and the house's arabesque signet. In this way, Initio perfectly captures the gracefulness of its perfumes in their visual setting and creates its fragrances, which are bursting with emotion, as an aesthetic overall picture.