Goldfield & Banks

Brand Portrait: Goldfield & Banks 

Goldfield and Banks pays homage to the extraordinary beauty of Australia, to the splendor and diversity of her native plant life, and to Joseph Banks, an 18th century English naturalist and botanist who visited Australia many times during his research and amassed a large collection of native flora specimens. Joseph?s descriptions and annotations of his collection helped European scientists to better understand the botanical wealth of the continent. When founder Dimitri Weber traveled to Down Under, he instantly fell in love with the dramatic landscape. Inspired by local flora and fauna, he was inspired to stay and found a brand dedicated to illustrating the beauty of native Australian species. 
Each Goldfield and Banks fragrance contains high quality essences and oils extracted from native Australian seeds, woods, flowers, roots, and leaves, enhanced with high quality absolutes and essences from all around the world, all deliberately chosen to highlight the unique beauty of the Australian botanical or botanicals that feature as the star of the composition. The scents are all 100% made in Australia.