Maison Crivelli

Brand Portrait: Maison Crivelli

The discovery of a perfume is a very personal experience. In every drop of a perfume is the possibility of a concentrated, completely new reality. And every perfume is an invitation to travel with a variety of scents, each with its own color, texture and melody.

That?s the philosophy behind Maison Crivelli. The perfume house was founded and established by Thibaud Crivelli, a young entrepreneur and passionate adventurer.

The native Parisian grew up between central France and Provence. In 2006, he moved to China and spent ten years in various Asian countries. Over time, he developed an empirical and multisensory approach to nature. His secret: to take his time - to be able to admire and explore every detail of nature with the spirit of a botanist.

Six perfumers have captured his adventures in exciting perfumes full of surprises and contrasts. The fragrances of Maison Crivelli invite us to take a moment - and return to the essential.