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Head Notes
Cassis, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple
Heart Notes
Birch, Jasmine, Patchouli, Berry Fruits
Base Notes
Musk, Oak Moss

Creed - Aventus

Aventus, a legendary hero from the older times stands in front of a cliff made frrom glass and steel - looking straight into the future. The conquerer - epitome of maleness - thinks calm and factual about the next battle. His companion Pegasus shares his properties: Calm, full of harmony and always present to give everything in the counting moments.

The Scent

Aventus - powerfull, extraordinary and masculine - these are the most fitting properties if you try to describe the new creed. The extreme male fragrance has fresh & fruity notes make it to the all new olfactoric soundtrack for the hero of today. In the head fruity notes have been combined masterfully. Black currant, a motivating bergamot going into an synergetic effect with a harsh apple carried by subtile sweet ananas. The heart note is warm and harmonic. Precious jasmine in the hands of patchouli is melting on woody birch. The base notes are very aromatic: precious ambergris comes up in the presence of a soft and seducing vanilla and rounds up this creation to the perfect fragrance for the sensual, wise and grasping man.

In-depth Information about Creed Aventus

AVENTUS is a men's fragrance that literally celebrates masculinity. Released in 2010, the successful fragrance from the house of Creed is inspired "by the eventful life of a conqueror from a long forgotten time":

"... a rocky outcrop of steel and glass - floating freely between heaven and earth. Leaning his elbows on the railing, he watches the horizon. He - the conqueror - the epitome of masculinity on the way to the next battle. At his side the earthly Pegasus - silent as himself, full of harmony, resting at rest. The fearless rider and his horse linger on the threshold between the now and the soon - between what was and what is to come."

Somehow quite archaic and primal-masculine so is the motif underlying the fragrance creation of Olivier Creed. AVENTUS is both fruity and mossy-woody: top notes of blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple marry with jasmine, patchouli, birch and juniper in the heart of the fragrance, underpinned by an aromatic-spicy base of musk, oakmoss, amber and vanilla. Since its release in 2010, AVENTUS has quickly become a flagship Creed fragrance for men.

The Creed brand of fragrances has been around for hundreds of years, bringing high-quality scents to the most discerning of consumers. It's established as one of the best perfumes for men. They boast royalties as being fans of their scent and perfectly defines the scent for the modern man. 

The scents produced by Creed have evolved over time, with their unrivalled fragrances being a favourite among perfume connoisseurs. The Creed Aventus is one of the most popular fragrance among sophisticated men, ever since its release in 2010. 

The history of Creed Aventus and the brand as a whole is an interesting one that stems back to the late 1700s. For more information on the Creed dynasty and one of the most renowned scent companies in the world, read on. 

The Legend of Creed

The House of Creed began as such an exclusive company that it was mostly unknown to most of the public, save for the royal and rich. They believe that fragrances should be classy and luxurious. 

Founded in 1760, the House of Creed began the same year King George III ascended to the throne. They first started by providing the court with scented leather gloves, custom-tailored clothing, and special fragrances. The House of Creed was appointed by Queen Victoria as the official supplier of fragrances of the Royal Household in the early 1800s. 

In 1854, the House of Creed moved its headquarters from London to Paris, under the patronage of Napoleon III. Creed continued to establish itself as the go-to supplier of decadent perfumes and impeccable tailoring. They treated their high-end clientele with the utmost respect, further adding to the legend of Creed. 

In 1985, with the introduction of Creed's most popular scent Green Irish Tweed, the company became more widely known for its top of the line perfumes and colognes.

Princess Diana of Wales and Prince Charles both had exclusive scents made for them by Creed. The company has currently produced over 200 perfumes and it has been passed down for seven generations from father to son. 

Olivier Creed and his son Erwin currently run the company, travelling extensively all over the world to research, source, and inspect the finest materials. Creed uses a traditional infusion technique with their own essences, enabling them to maintain the authenticity of their scents. 

History of Creed Aventus 

Now the flagship scent for Creed's fragrances for men, the creation of the Aventus was inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte and the dramatic life he led. Olivier Creed used ingredients that he felt had a connection to the emperor. The fragrance notes include birch from Louisiana, which was ruled by Napoleon, and black currants from his birthplace, the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean. 

The result is a perfume that opens with a somewhat sweet and fresh scent that then evolves into woodsy notes with a hint of vanilla. This powerful and masculine perfume masterfully combines all the scent notes. It also features hints of bergamot, fruits, musk, patchouli, jasmine, and oakmoss. 

No other fragrance matched the Creed Aventus success. It has now grown to be the best-selling fragrance of the brand since its inception. The name is derived from Latin, meaning "from the wind." Men who wear this fragrance exude confidence, showing that they are destined to have a successful and sophisticated life.

Launched in 2016, Aventus for Her is the counterpart to the original Aventus line. This particular scent was inspired by the beauty and power of the Amazons, the legendary female warriors. Aventus for Her is both strong and delicate, making it a tribute to the strong, modern woman. 

Creed Aventus Success 

The Creed Aventus launched in 2010 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the company. The fragrance continues to still be popular and the best selling product of the company, even a decade later. The scent has been worn by fashion icons and models Daniel Marin, Erwin Mateo Trinidad, and Sam Gray, among others. 

As the Aventus line for him and her only continues to grow in popularity, the product line has expanded to match that. Not only is Aventus found as cologne, as perfume, but is sold as well in body lotions, body wash, after shave moisturizer and soap. The sensual scent is perfect for any nighttime or bath routine. 

The Full Aventus Range

There are many Aventus products and the entire range is an important part of the Creed collection. Find a list of all products for the most popular scent by Creed below:

Creed's Popular Fragrances 

Aventus is not the only fragrance by Creed that is well respected by perfume enthusiasts. Creed has a fragrance that will be well suited for anyone, no matter their tastes. 

The classic Green Irish Tweed still remains one of the most popular fragrances of the brand among successful businessmen and Hollywood stars. Its fresh scent will last throughout the day without being too overpowering. 

Another option is the Millesime Imperial Spray, perfect for men or women. The theme of this scent is citrus and ocean smells, putting the wearer directly on the beach in Italy. 

Another unisex option is Santal Eau de Parfum. Inspired by India, the top notes of sandalwood and coriander beautifully open up into cinnamon and juniper. Enjoy delightful undertones of lavender and vanilla. It is a subtle scent that will last throughout the entire day. 

Get a Bottle of Creed Aventus Today

Ever since the inception of the Creed brand over 260 years ago, they have continued to strive to create elegant and sophisticated scents for both men and women. The Creed Aventus is the pinnacle of that mission, with the male and female fragrances capturing the strength and resilience of the powerful. 

Whether it's Valentine's Day, someone's birthday, or just because, a bottle of Creed Aventus makes a perfect gift. To purchase any of the Creed products or any of our other curated scents, please check out our store page. The fragrances on our site are luxurious and classy, hand selected for perfume connoisseurs. 

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