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Head Notes
Cassis, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple
Heart Notes
Birch, Jasmine, Patchouli, Berry Fruits
Base Notes
Musk, Oak Moss

Creed - Aventus

Aventus, a legendary hero from the older times stands in front of a cliff made frrom glass and steel - looking straight into the future. The conquerer - epitome of maleness - thinks calm and factual about the next battle. His companion Pegasus shares his properties: Calm, full of harmony and always present to give everything in the counting moments.

The Scent

Aventus - powerfull, extraordinary and masculine - these are the most fitting properties if you try to describe the new creed. The extreme male fragrance has fresh & fruity notes make it to the all new olfactoric soundtrack for the hero of today. In the head fruity notes have been combined masterfully. Black currant, a motivating bergamot going into an synergetic effect with a harsh apple carried by subtile sweet ananas. The heart note is warm and harmonic. Precious jasmine in the hands of patchouli is melting on woody birch. The base notes are very aromatic: precious ambergris comes up in the presence of a soft and seducing vanilla and rounds up this creation to the perfect fragrance for the sensual, wise and grasping man.

Creed Aventus: the 250-year perfume

Among the noble fragrances of the Creed brand, the Eau de Parfum Aventus undoubtedly occupies a special, outstanding position: The distinctive men's fragrance is an olfactory statement, an exceptional fragrance - and a perfume icon.

The creation of the Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum had a very special reason: the 250th birthday of Creed! In 2010, the brand - founded in 1760 - had written an entire quarter of a century of perfumery history. On the occasion of this anniversary, master perfumer Olivier Creed, who together with his son Erwin now represents the sixth and seventh generation of the perfume company, created the men's fragrance Aventus. It was a bombshell - à la bonne heure!

Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum: Fragrance Description

Sensual, bold and modern, the Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum contains everything that defines an outstanding men's fragrance: power and strength, vision and success, elegance and passion. And an unmistakable character. The latter is of course primarily reflected in the ingredients: from lemon and bergamot to vanilla and oak moss ...

The top note

From the very first moment, Creed Aventus shows its character: The fragrance opens with a top note of citrus-fresh and tingly-fruity facets of lemon, bergamot, pineapple, apple and blackcurrant, which are infused with a spicy trace of pink pepper. Lemon and bergamot give the perfume citrus power, while pineapple, apple and currant breathe fruity life into it.

The heart note

A fragrant triad of jasmine flowers, juniper berries and Indonesian patchouli reigns supreme in the heart of Creed Aventus.

The base note

The base note accentuates the Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum in a woody way: Distinctive wood notes of cedar and birch are caressed and rounded off by nuances of oak moss, musk, a hint of vanilla ... and Crred's noble signature fragrance note - ambergris!

From fresh and fruity to floral and woody: With Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum, the in-house perfumer of the Creed brand, Olivier Creed, has created an authentic gentleman perfume of modern elegance. And a milestone in the more than 250-year history of the Creed company.

250 years of Creed: from a classy tailor to a high-end perfume manufacturer

Nowadays the name of the Creed brand is synonymous with noble fragrances and the finest perfumes. However, the brand was not always known primarily as a manufacturer of fine niche fragrances. The history of Creed began with a different profession: 200 years ago (and also 100 years ago) Creed would probably have been associated more with elegant tailoring than exquisite fragrances and fine perfumes. Because at that time, the Creed company stood for first-class bespoke tailoring.

It all began with the forefather of the Creed brand, James Henry Creed. Originally descending from the English city of Leicester, he founded the Creed tailor shop in the London district of Mayfair in 1760 - just in the same year, by the way, that King George III. was crowned. Perhaps an omen for the further history of the Creed brand, which is very rich in royal references.

In any case, Creed soon gained a considerable reputation as an exquisite tailor. Especially in the 19th century, when Creed moved from London to the French capital Paris, the company achieved a fabulous rise and became the darling of the high nobility. Well-known personalities such as Queen Victoria, Empress Eugénie of France and Emperor Napoleon III or Queen Christine of Spain were on Creed's list of customers at the time.

Finally, in the course of the 20th century, the identity of the Creed brand changed significantly. Until then, the name Creed was primarily associated with noble clothes and fine fabrics, but now the Creed company also became a shining star in another firmament: the perfume sky.

As a perfume manufacturer, Creed is committed to the same high and "royal" quality standards as it was as a prestigious tailor shop in the centuries before. Fashion tailoring and perfumery have been linked by a special liaison for a long time anyway: One star gives birth to the other - and it is not uncommon for the highly creative spirit of the fashion designers' guild to produce extraordinary perfume works of art.

So it is in the case of Creed. Creed's particularly outstanding perfume creations include, among others:

...the tropical-floral-fruity-fresh fragrance adventure Virgin Island Water,
...the iconic, aromatic green Fougère fragrance composition Green Irish Tweed,
...the Eau de Parfum Silver Mountain Water, inspired by heavenly fresh mountain air,
...the stylish and elegant evening perfume Millesime Imperial,
...or Royal Oud, that opulent, majestic eau de parfum for men and women, in which the precious agarwood essence oud is mixed with heavenly incense, fine wood and fresh citrus notes to create a unique, spiritual perfume composition.

And of course (and last but not least) Creed Aventus belongs in this list of outstanding Creed fragrances. However, Creed Aventus cannot be imagined without the developments at Creed over the past 250 years. Creed Aventus is therefore a milestone that is rooted in a tradition that now goes back more than a quarter of a century.

Creed's "De père en fils" principle: from father to son since 1760

It is no coincidence that the Creed motto is: "De père en fils depuis 1760" ("From father to son since 1760"). The motto is even to be found on many Creed bottles. And indeed, the baton in the family company Creed has been passed on from father to son since the 18th century: from James Henry Creed to Henry Creed to Henry Creed II to Henry Creed III to James Henry Creed - and to the representatives of the current Creed generation, Oliver Creed and Erwin Creed.

Creed Aventus - not just a male thing

While Creed Aventus was composed as a perfume for men, an Aventus variant for women was released in 2016: Aventus for Her!
The eau de parfum is the feminine counterpart to the men's perfume Creed Aventus. When composing, Oliver Creed was inspired by strong women personalities from history: from visionary women to artists and writers to noble ladies and queens, many of whom were Creed customers themselves.

And just like Creed Aventus emphasizes classic masculine strengths, Aventus for Her celebrates and underlines the powerful characteristics of modern, strong women.

"We worked tirelessly," explains Oliver Creed, "to create a fragrance that depicts women who are visionaries in their everyday lives. That was my inspiration compass when developing the fragrance."

Aventus for Her: fragrance description

Aventus for Her combines three properties in one bottle: The perfume is wonderfully citric, flowery and fruity.

The top note

Aventus for Her opens with the citric freshness of lemon and bergamot, surrounded by a no less fresh apple aroma and a hint of pink pepper.

The heart note

In the heart of the Eau de Parfum, flowers and fruits literally compete with each other! On one side, a flower garden blooms with countless fragrant blossoms of rose, lilac and ylang ylang. On the other side an orchard full of plump, ripe, sun-kissed fruits: black currant, pineapple and peach.

The base note

In the base of the perfume, notes of sandalwood and cedarwood, patchouli, musk and amber provide an extremely sensual finish to the feminine fragrance composition.

Aventus Cologne: The youngest brother of Creed Aventus

In 2019, the Creed Men Perfume series finally received another addition from the Creed Aventus universe: Aventus Cologne! Aventus Cologne is inspired by the refreshing vitality of a classic cologne - an invigorating eau de parfum for the modern gentleman.

Aventus Cologne stands for style, success, strength, life, vitality and urban lifestyle. "With Aventus Cologne," says Olivier Creed, "I was inspired to create a new legend - a fresher, modern addition that would offer an olfactory experience of its own".

Aventus Cologne: fragrance description

The top note

Aventus Cologne opens with an aromatic explosion of invigorating notes: pink pepper, ginger and tangerine.

The heart note

Pure life pulsates in the heart of Aventus Cologne - with aromas of pineapple, patchouli and vetiver.

The base note

The eau de parfum ends up with notes of musk, birch wood and balsamic styrax.

Aventus and Aventus Cologne: what's the difference?

Nine years after the overwhelming success of Aventus, Creed launched Aventus Cologne in spring 2019. Even if the name suggests otherwise, the bottle does not contain an Eau de Cologne, but an Eau de Parfum.

Aventus is an aromatic perfume of the Fougère category with a rich abundance of fragrance notes: with a top note of citrus-fresh and sparkling-fruity facets (lemon, bergamot, pineapple, apple and blackcurrant), traversed by a spicy trace of pink pepper. With a heart note of jasmine flowers, juniper berries and Indonesian patchouli. And a long-lasting dry-down with notes of cedar, birch, oakmoss, musk, vanilla and ambergris. The perfume is by no means a fragrance for the shy and reserved; it shows olfactory presence in every room and leaves a striking statement.

Some of the fragrance notes known from Aventus can also be found in Aventus Cologne: In particular, pineapple, pink pepper, patchouli and birch wood can be found in both men's fragrances. Otherwise, Aventus Cologne reveals its very own personality, for example with notes of ginger and mandarin, vetiver and styrax.

Apart from the different ingredients, the main difference between the two fragrances is undoubtedly the different nature of their character: while Aventus is a rich, very present, even hypnotizing perfume, its younger brother Aventus Cologne is inspired by the refreshing lightness and liveliness of an eau de Cologne.

One could also say: Aventus is more of an Eau de Parfum for exciting evenings and to set meaningful olfactory signs, while the fresher and lighter Eau de Parfum Aventus Cologne is suitable for all-day wear in everyday life.

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