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Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01

Escentric MoleculesMolecule 01

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Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01: The miracle molecule

Just like Escentric 01, the second fragrance by Escentric Molecules pays homage to the synthetic fragrance substance "Iso E Super". This chemical molecule gives forth a seductive scent of ambergris, with a slightly woody and powdery character.

Molecule 01 makes the molecules dance

Molecule 01 is a woody perfume par excellence. For lovers of a warm character, this masterpiece is an absolute must-have. The fragrance is known for its peculiar properties: The perfume is not a potpourri fragrance as we know it. It is a mono-fragrance with a unique effect that challenges our noses.

Fragrance description

Our receptors are aroused by the scent; some noses are not able to perceive it permanently, which is why it has a wavy character for many users and it seems to magically disappear and come back.

To some, the scent seems pleasantly space-filling and aphrodisiac, while others can hardly perceive it - this always depends on one's current form on the day. It creates a truly intoxicating fragrance experience; be prepared to be frequently approached by people around you. Perhaps you recently asked someone about his or her scent - and received the answer "Molecule 01"!

The flacon

The packaging and the bottle look luxurious, as well as eccentric and - also a bit mysterious. Modern and straightforward and at the same time wild and playful, the fragrance flacon comes with the classic Berlin understatement. The packaging comes in noble dark tones, while the bottle optically depicts the "molecules" theme.

As the name suggests, Escentric01 and Molecule01 are the first children in the family of perfumer Geza Schön, who is also known for his creations for Clive Christian and Bombay Sapphire.

The ultimate guide to Molecule 01: origin, properties, and usage

The fragrance shocked the perfume world when it first appeared in the early 2000s. As its rebellious creator, Geza Schön said, "this fragrance will only please the artists, the freaks." Today Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 and its sister fragrance Escentric 01 are legendary among perfume lovers, celebrities, and fashion influencers alike.

Let's deeply explore the genesis of this cult phenomenon!

Who is behind the Escentric Molecules fragrances?

The perfume house founded in 2006 has made a name for itself by creating fragrance compositions that were initially only worn by connoisseurs. "Escentric Molecules" was only known to true perfume freaks. And Molecule 01 was just the beginning of an entire saga: The Escentric Molecules collection has now reached number 05.

Perfumers create traditional perfumes using top, heart, and base notes. They all typically smell quite similar on everyone`s skin. What really sets Escentric Molecules perfumes apart is the fact that they are virtually odorless. As the company explains, the mixtures mingle on the skin with the wearer's pheromones - the result is an incredibly attractive fragrance of unique quality!

After the tradition was continued with Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, the later fragrance creations in the collection also contain rare aroma molecules. Some are synthetic. Others, like the Vetiveryl Acetate in Escentric Molecules Molecule 05, are a natural-synthetic hybrid.

Since all perfumes in the collection are based more on unconscious perception, all fragrances are equally suitable for women and men.

In recent years, Escentric Molecules has added a body wash line and travel sprays to its sophisticated range of products.

Is Molecule 01 an Eau de Toilette?

Many people wonder if Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 is an Eau de Toilette. One has to answer this question with "no". Although the article is often sold in various gray market dealers' shops as "Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette", this is not correct. The scent is more of a fragrance substance than an eau de toilette or eau de parfum, because it only consists of one single scent note.

An eau de toilette is a mixture of several fragrances in a certain concentration. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 is an overdosed fragrance: it is the ISO E SUPER molecule in its pure form, dissolved in alcohol, pure on the skin. Because of this uniqueness, any "eau de" is simply wrong.

Offers such as "Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette" or "Escentric Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette" can be found on many online platforms. Many fragrances are plagiarism. With offers such as "Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette only 50 euros including VAT" you should be alert and clarify whether the dealer is really authorized.

Tip: If you want to try out the fragrant treasures by Escentric Molecules, we recommend the Discovery Set.

Why is this fragrance so desirable?

Iso E Super is the miraculous ingredient that is behind the superpowers of Escentric Molecules Molecule 01. The fragrance was an experiment: the first completely chemically produced, an isolated fragrance that was used in such an overdose. This concept was not implemented for the perfume creations of Escentric 01-05, in which further fragrance notes were added.

What is Iso E Super?

Until Molecule 01 was launched, almost only people from the perfume industry knew about the mysterious superpowers of Iso E Super. The molecule is the only fragrance note of the cult perfume and gives it an extremely high recognition value.

Created in the laboratory of International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) in 1973, the compound has long been a favorite of perfumers. They add them to perfumes in undetectable low doses to standardize the fragrances.

The legendary fragrance under the microscope

When Geza Schön first came across Iso E Super in the early 1990s, he couldn't get enough of it. A single touch and you're addicted, he once described this experience - it was the birth of Escentric Molecules Molecule 01. Before that, all fragrance manufacturers only used a whiff of the miracle molecule in their formulations. The non-conformist perfume creator broke with this dogma and launched not only Escentric 01, a fragrance with an astonishing amount of 65 percent of the mysterious aroma, but also Molecule 01, which contained Iso E Super only.

In fact, all of the other ingredients that were in Escentric 01 - such as lime, musk, and green jasmine bud - were just there to support the Iso-E super note of the recipe.

But perhaps the most amazing property of Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 is its pheromone-like ability to attract attention - what wouldn't be possible as a simple eau de toilette. Described by perfumer G. Schön as "a drug," the inclusion of Iso E Super seems to make the wearer irresistible to other people in the area.

People report that they keep getting compliments for wearing Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, and it often appears in the top ten lists of wedding fragrances and perfumes to wear at a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

The success of the duo Molecule 01 and Escentric 01 (known as Series 01) paved the way for Escentric Molecules' now ten fragrances collection.

Escentric Molecules - a brand with a very loyal fan base

It's not hard to find praise for Escentric Molecules Molecule 01. Type the name of the perfume into the search bar of a search engine and you will be flooded with positive reviews.

The popular perfume forum Basenotes describes the fragrance as a "cult classic" and its creator as a "future-oriented rebel." A Town & Country magazine writer reported that a touch of the scent made people animalistic. One perfume blogger wrote that she caught a stranger trying to sniff her while she stood in line at the bank. In general, the perfumes by Escentric Molecules are fragrances with a high recognition value.

And despite Geza Schoen’s determination to create an anti-celebrity fragrance, Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 has also a crowd of famous followers. For example, the supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell (although they have their own fragrance lines) wear the fragrance as well as the actress and TV presenter Kelly Ripa and the architect Zara Hadi, and so on ... these are just some of the biggest names. For fun, the scent is sometimes called "Eau de Nothing" because there are people who just can't smell it.

How do I best wear Molecule 01?

As with any other fragrance, just spray! But that's where the similarities with other fragrances end. Persistent on the fabric for longer, without a top note, the perfume is harder to smell from up close than for those standing further away. (This might help understand why the wearer gets so many compliments from strangers.)

The smell is similar to walking through a forest shortly after it has rained. And because this kind of fragrance contains an aroma chemical instead of a perfume, it mingles with the body chemistry of the wearer to create a unique seductive fragrance.

And since the only ingredient in Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 is Iso E Super Gamma, some people like to mix and match the perfume with other fragrances. If you have a perfume collection don't be afraid to get experimental. Turn your dressing room into a perfumery! You can combine the entire Escentric Molecules collection with one another. However, it is important to always use an Escentric fragrance with a Molecule perfume.

To increase the effectiveness of Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, we recommend the Body Wash line.

Series 01: From Experimental to Essential

From the beginning of the creation of Molecule 01, G. Schön (the perfumer of the Escentric Molecules line) wanted to create an unconventional fragrance, something that would delight people who actually claim that they don't like or wear perfume. Little did the groundbreaking perfumer know that Escentric Molecules would become one of the most sought-after boutique fragrance collections on the market and, in fact, lead a revolution.

Please note that we only sell original Escentric Molecules goods and that we are an authorized dealer. Products sold with the name Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette may be counterfeit. Experienced online shoppers will not fall for "01 Eau de Toilette" fakes. All prices include VAT.

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Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)

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