Xerjoff - Vibe - Erba Pura

XerjoffVibe - Erba Pura

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Head Notes
Orange, Zitrische Notes, Bergamot
Heart Notes
Fruity Notes
Base Notes
Musk, Amber, Vanilla

Xerjoff - Vibe - Erba Pura

Erba Pura is an enticing elixir that captivates and charms. Fresh, fruity, and thoroughly contemporary in spirit, it blends top notes of Sicilian orange and lemon with a Mediterranean fruit basket at the heart. White musk, amber, and Madagascar vanilla beans sit at the base and reveal themselves slowly as time goes by.

Erba Pura is presented with a unique silk neck scarf designed by Xerjoff and produced by famous silk manufacturers in Lake Como. Soft and intense, each scent is evocative of pure luxury.

Xerjoff V Erba Pura: A Mediterranean fruit basket full of joie de vivre

Erba Pura by Xerjoff - that's a whole fruit basket full of plump, sunny fruits that radiate pure joie de vivre!

With a fresh top note of the finest citrus fruits (Sicilian lemons, juicy oranges and Calabrian bergamot), this joyous Xerjoff perfume makes the sun rise. The heart note of the Eau de Parfum resembles a Mediterranean orchard. The most beautiful sun-kissed fruits from the Mediterranean region ripen here - accompanied and highlighted by base notes with a hint of musk, amber and a wonderfully sensual vanilla.

The noble Xerjoff fragrance for women and men pampers the senses like the warm rays of the Mediterranean sun. A Mediterranean fruit basket full of joie de vivre - and a fragrant ode to the sunny beauty of life!

Erba Pura - a modern fragrance full of Mediterranean notes

Fruity citrus notes can be found in this composition as well as sweet fruits that lie like a delicate layer on the warm and sensual oriental base note. The enduring heart and base of the fragrance guard a little secret: a rare molecule extracted from a rare Indian herbal plant...

Discover the fascinating impact of this discovery. Thanks to its exquisit ingredients, its extraordinary durability on the skin and a special extraction process (PURA), this fruity fragrance has a long-lasting velvety effect, which defines the individual aura of the wearer in its very own way.

Which perfumer created Erba Pura?

The Eau de Parfum is a joint creation of perfumer Christian Carbonnel and perfumer Laura Santander. Launched in 2013, it was initially released as a fragrance by perfume brand Sospiro. In the meantime, however, the fragrances from Sospiro have been completely integrated into the Xerjoff family. Their name: Xerjoff V (for "velvet").

The flacons are also presented in a new design, which takes on the iconic design language of Xerjoff and impresses with luxurious velvet flocking. For the Sospiro fragrances have always been created under the aegis of Xerjoff, nothing changes regarding the fragrances.

Xerjoff Erba Pura: A detailed description of the fragrance

The bright, fresh notes of this Xerjoff perfume combine contemporary chic and old-world aesthetics in a unique blend designed for both women and men. The Mediterranean character of Erba Pura exudes sweet Sicilian orange and clear lemon complemented by exotic hints of musk, bergamot and amber. Put it on in the morning and ask yourself whether you are going to the office or to an Istanbul marketplace. Wear it in the evening and inspire your dinner date with the mystery of Arabian nights.

A touch of romance

Wear the scent by day for its citrus freshness and at night for its musky romance. Every day is a mysterious gift and Erba Pura captures this mood with its oriental flair. Each drop carries a glorious piece of romantic inspiration. Be prepared for strangers to look at you as you walk by and take this enchanting scent with you wherever you go.

Erba Pura combines Mediterranean-fresh citrus notes with atmospheric oriental scents. This combination ensures an unmistakable Eau de Parfum that invigorates as it pleases. Its designers used the PURA extraction technique to bring the magic of its fragrances into each flacon. The perfume is characterized by its long-lasting effect, so you can rely on its wonderful scent from morning to night. Its fragrance families are blended into a remarkably harmonious melange that bathes the wearer in musky orange sweetness.

Luminous citrus scents

Erba Pura contains delightful aromas from the citrus fragrance family that inspire alertness and readiness for anything. Its citrus highlights are highlighted by sweet Sicilian oranges ripened under a hot summer sun. The orange notes carry all the warmth of summer. When you uncork the bottle of Erba Pura you smell hints of Greek lemon groves, fresh and ripe. Its bergamot notes create an unmistakable freshness that sharpens the senses.

Deep notes of musk

The deep musky fragrance of Erba Pura brings romance and mystery to this Eau de Parfum. Arabic evenings on the terrace, hidden corridors for dates, love letters sent by courier in backyards and long nights on magnificent sofas come alive with each intoxicating scent of musky notes. The oriental charm of Erba Pura emphazises its je ne sais quoi, its extraordinary power of attraction. The same musky scent found its way on the Silk Road caravans to the perfume sellers of medieval Venice. Sold in Roman glass bottles, this musky fragrance gives Erba Pura its fascination of the old world.

Hypnotic Amber

Amber, also belonging to the family of oriental fragrances, gives Erba Pura an exotic allure. Amber captivates and enchants. It evokes Persian traders under colorful canopies, Kashmiri wedding gifts for newlyweds, and days of festivals on faraway streets of Persepolis, Xi'an, Samarkand and Damascus. Amber gives this fragrance a uniquely rich character that draws everyone's attention.

Delicious vanilla

Vanilla turns everything into sweetness and a truly flavorful blend suitable for each day - for sailing the Tiber, strolling through the vineyards, having lunch in the trattoria, or relaxing in a courtyard garden.

Fruity sweetness

The sweet fruit layers of Erba Pura are the icing on the cake of a virtuoso arranged fragrance that is neither too cheeky, too provocative - nor too timid. The fruity nuances add just the right amount of fragrant color to the melange. The freshness of the orchard merges wonderfully with the citrus opening and ensures a well-rounded fragrance experience.

Mediterranean elegance in a bottle

Erba Pura by Xerjoff V is presented in a beautiful turquoise and gold flacon that wouldn't look out of place in Cleopatra's boudoir. This perfume is royal and makes every working day special. Gift it to a family member, friend or even yourself - for your own use. Its pleasing properties make it an attractive perfume for all those men and women who know how to enjoy unique fragrances to the fullest.

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its really good


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Keine Angabe

Keine Angabe


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Keine Angabe

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