Ebenholz: Naturally men's business

Women can click on here for once calmly. Because this care series is all about - men! And with good reason: men's skin has special properties. It is up to 30 percent thicker, has a coarser relief and produces more sebum than women's skin. Age-related wrinkling follows a different schedule, and shaving beard hair also poses an everyday challenge for the skin. Because men's skin has special care needs, Ebenholz has developed skin care specifically for men. Ebenholz's serums, gels & co. come in strikingly stylish packaging made of black glass and oak wood; they are based on selected care treasures from nature, are highly effective, certified vegan, uncompromisingly sustainable - and 100% "made in Germany".

Brand Portrait: Ebenholz

The power source for the well-groomed man's skin is the forest.
The positive, healing properties of forest extracts such as birch and chestnut have been well known and valued in German homeopathy for centuries. Now we see the power of these extracts harnessed for use in the high tech skincare industry. If you want the effectiveness of active skincare merged with the healing benefits of German botanicals and natural ingredients, then Ebenholz is the brand for you.  
Ebenholz makes no compromises when it comes to naturalness, sustainability, and skincare effectiveness. The five natural "Skincare Tools" pioneered by the brand have each been tailored to the specific needs of men's skin.
Ebenholz stands for: 
· Natural, certified vegan skincare
· Harnessing the power of organically-grown botanicals and extracts
· PEG-free, paraben-free, silicone-free
· Dermatologically tested
· Hypoallergenic
· 100% Made IN Germany