Heeley Parfums - Eau Sacrée

Heeley ParfumsEau Sacrée

175,00 €
350,00 € per 100 ml

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Head Notes
Cistus (Labdanum)
Heart Notes
Frankincense, Patchouli, Rose
Base Notes
Myrrh, Musk, Amber, Vetiver, Spices

Heeley Parfums - Eau Sacrée

Intense, warm, and mystical, Eau Sacrée is a new extrait de parfum from the master of quiet refinement, James Heeley. The perfume harnesses the sacred, liturgical power of ancient resins and gums such as Somalian olibanum (frankincense), myrrh, and opoponax (sweet myrrh), setting them in a lightly woody, ambery framework that allows them to glow at low wattage. The fragrance keeps all these traditionally heavy materials suspended in the air, turning them into wisps of smoke and air that wrap the wearer in a silky, diaphanous veil of scent. A shot of champagne-like aldehydes propel the notes skywards and keep them afloat. Everything about this fragrance is designed to keep the focus on those holy, ancient resins and the feeling of time and space in the structure. In the background, Javanese vetiver provides a nutty, grassy darkness that acts as a crisp and elegant foil to the smoky resins. There is something purifying about this fragrance, and even the warm ambery finish contains a cleansing brace of hot spices such as black pepper, clove, and nutmeg. Wear Eau Sacrée as a sort of talisman to ward off the unclean and the unholy influences of modern life. Since ancient times, incense has been considered to have sacred, purifying properties. In the Middle Ages, incense was also used to purify the unclean, heavy air that settled in banquet halls and places of worship. Jews, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists ... they all use incense to purify, to cleanse, and to elevate one's thoughts skywards to God.

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Mary. (19.10.2020)

Lovely but reminds me of mass

..and being in church and smelling the frankincense. Which is not bad, if you are looking for that memory. I tried the sampler because I am looking for a spicy oriental. And this perfume has spicy notes: they are there, but I am not smelling them over the frankincense.