Imaginary Authors - Telegrama

Imaginary AuthorsTelegrama

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Imaginary Authors - Telegrama

...two young Argentinean lovers. Against their will, the nineteen-year-olds are snatched from each other and yet do everything they can to avoid losing each other completely. In the desperate hope of meeting again one day, they start sending each other messages. But fate is not kind to them, and while their messages take longer and longer detours and have to withstand ever greater adversity until they reach each other, long periods of time pass in the hope of a sign of life. With every line of the other one a spark of hope germinates - but the long time of waiting and the events that happen in both lives in the meantime play against them and seem to destroy their plans to find each other again...

After all, it will take many years before they meet again on a transatlantic flight. But as much as they have longed for it, this reunion could now have global consequences...

A soft fragrance, full of longing and nostalgia. Lavender and talcum, teak and fresh linen. A sensory journey to the Argentina of days long gone, where lazy sunlight falls through the light curtains, drawing a pattern on the warm wood of the furniture. Where the blend of vanilla, black pepper and amyris creates a round, perfectly shaped fragrance that has the ability to transform even the most ordinary day into something special and precious.

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