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Imaginary Authors - O, Unknown

Imaginary AuthorsO, Unknown

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Imaginary Authors - O, Unknown

The perfume "O, Unknown" by Imaginary Authors opens up a new dimension for fragrance lovers by presenting an extraordinary spectrum of scent notes. Beginning with a blend of black tea and lapsang souchong tincture, this perfume offers a depth of fragrance that seduces from the first application.

The additional component of orris butter penetrates deeper into the fragrance profile and complements the initial tea blend subtly and harmoniously. This combination creates an aromatic diversity that offers room for discovery and a subtle familiarity.

The combination of Kyoto moss and musk balsam in the heart note is no less distinctive, which has a profound and beguiling effect. The sense of mystery and the unknown, which is considered a central component of this perfume, is particularly pronounced here.

Finally, the impression of light sandalwood in the base note provides a calming and balanced finish. This ingredient ensures that the perfume exudes a balanced, harmonious and unique fragrance aura right to the end.

An innovative blend of balsamic musk and light sandalwood elevates this perfume, creating an unmistakable scent that triggers instant inner peace and joy. It is more than just a perfume; it is a sensual, emotionally appealing world unto itself. Every application of "O, Unknown!" is like a journey of discovery that transforms everyday life into an adventure.

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