M2Beauté - Ultra Pure Solutions Hybrid Second Skin Eye Mask Collagen - 7 Anwendungen

M2BeautéUltra Pure Solutions Hybrid Second Skin Eye Mask Collagen - 7 Anwendungen

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M2 Beauté - Hybrid Second Skin Eye Mask Collagen

The Ultrapure Solutions Hybrid Second Skin Eye Mask Collagen dramatically increases the moisture levels of the skin, leading to a smooth, velvety result. The eye mask contains 92% of highly concentrated native collagen, which is essential to the skin's recovery system and elasticity, made using the brand's unique and patented Advanced CryoSafe™ Method. This patented production method does not break down or destroy the cell structure of the collagen, thus allowing the skin to make full use of it.

With sustained use, the delicate skin around the eye gains a fresher, more youthful buoyancy. Skin texture is improved through the natural plumping effect of the collagen-rich formula, and the skin is beautifully moist. The collagen in the product allows for the skin cells to bind more moisture effectively and to boost new skin cell production. It also helps with sagging, fragile skin in the eye area, restoring much-needed bounce and elasticity. The texture of the collagen fibers in the mask are 97% identical to the structure of human collagen fibers, leading to a near perfect absorption and adoption of the skin-active ingredient in the cream.


Apply to the skin by first dampening the skin around the eyes with a dab of clean water, and then patting the eye mask pad gently onto the skin. This revolutionary application methods allows for the clean, damp skin itself to activate the active ingredients in the eye mask formula. The eye pads are soaked in bioactive components that seal in the moisture content of the skin. Allow to rest on the skin for 10-15 minutes, and then remove and discard the pads. The 14 pads contained in the product are good for 7 applications (one pad for each eye area).


Studies show a 60% improvement in skin moisture, a 28 percent reduction in skin irritation, as well as a 15% reduction in wrinkle depth.

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