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Penhaligon's - Portraits Collection - Bewitching Yasmine

Penhaligon'sPortraits Collection - Bewitching Yasmine

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Penhaligon's - Portraits Collection - Bewitching Yasmine

She is gentle and quiet in her whole appearance. At the same time, a strong aura surrounds her. Some people perceive her as cool and unapproachable. But as is so often the case, appearances are deceptive. She has realized that she is well received and is determined never to return to Egypt. Everything there is so old... Since her brother left home to pursue his own affairs, she too has decided to take charge of her life and live her dreams. So now, on her way to London, she is without a return ticket. She is looking for and - for a husband. It should be a man of stature and preferably from the Establishement. She is looking forward to the green and more pleasant climate of England. Her elegance, delicate expression and overall appearance are graceful.

The fragrance
Like all fascinating and charming women, Yasmine's fragrance is hot and cold. The unique spiciness of rich, strong coffee meets a sweet and spicy accord. Hints of vastness, much like the skies of Egypt, and fresh cardamom add mysterious facets to this fragrance. Yasmine is a floral fragrance, of course, but still sensually silky. Is that your skin, Yasmine? Or pure white petals? Finally, vanilla gently rounds out this fiery oud scent.

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