Penhaligon's London - Portraits Arthur

Penhaligon's LondonPortraits Arthur

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Cedar wood

Penhaligon's London - Portraits Collection - The World According to Arthur

As a member of the Penhaligon's Portrait family, The World According to Arthur enters the stage. Arthur is a dreamer and fearless adventurer who chose to leave his destined path of jurisprudence to explore the mysterious truths of the world and seek his fortune in faraway places. He is the elder brother of Lord George and after months of travelling on eventful paths, and to unknown climes, he now returns to the family seat. Here he will once again have to face the pressures and expectations of his family. While he comes to the realisation - first and foremost to himself - that the familiar is as much home to a form of happiness as the foreign, he tries to keep his quick-tempered nature in check during the recurring family confrontations - a raised eyebrow and a provocative comment hidden under the guise of good manners. While Arthur's and George's worlds are diametrically opposed, their sister, the delicate outsider Constance, turns out to be the traveller's confidante and listens attentively to his cosmopolitan views. The World According To Arthur is the olfactory interpretation of this complex interplay of protagonists, emotions, constraints and the questioning of personal happiness, manifested in woody amber tones.

The fragrance:
Penhaligon's opens The World According To Arthur with a warm, comfortingly familiar vanilla sound. It describes a feeling of coming home, surrounded by familiarity. Here, Arthur contemplates all facets of his memories and his travels. Seductive sounds unfold in a fragrance centre defined by ambrette, where thoughts drift off into the distance and emotions are evoked. Sage and tonka bean spice things up with their inviting notes, reflecting the richness of Arthur's experiences. The land, the family, the excursion and the insights all break through, culminating in a warm and strikingly formulated cedarwood base that carries The World According To Arthur. Penhaligon's composition is multi-layered and inviting, but not without a certain point, which is to be understood as a warning to rather not provoke Arthur. The World According To Arthur shines in rich red. Surrounded by a heavy glass bottle, the fragrance is crowned by a cap in the shape of a golden dragon's head.


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