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Profumum Roma - Dulcis in Fundo

Profumum RomaDulcis in Fundo

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5.444,44 € per 1 l

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Profumum Roma - Dulcis in Fundo

Mandarin - Orange - Vanilla

A memory of Rome on a day in October. We stroll through the colorful streets and suddenly we are surrounded by the scent of fresh sweet bread. Our reaction is spontaneous: the water in our mouths converges and we can hardly resist. DULCIS IN FUNDO reminds us that sometimes the most beautiful luxury can also be found in the little things.

"A hint of vanilla creates passion and seduction and we remain indulging in the delicious ocean of the senses..."

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Mr. (03.07.2020)

Just, wooow

It'a a beautiful eau de parfum. Elegant, sexy and fresh. I love it. My skin - the same :))


Keith. (06.08.2020)

A zesty citrus/vanilla bomb

If you like a zesty citrus fragrance with a beautiful vanilla dry down than this is the one.