XerJoff - Join the Club - More Than Words

XerJoffJoin the Club - More Than Words

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XerJoff - Join the Club - More Than Words - EdP


More than a Word by Xerjoff JTCis the all-you-need intellectual perfume, in a context of Bohemian creativity, free from boundaries, that loves playing on words and creating verses in a contemporary lyricism.

Modern and classical poetry describing universal sentiments that colour our lives, written in artistic style that is interpreted in a fusion of visual, artistic and literarystimuli.

This is More than a Word's new frontier, an original, urbane Club of people who think outside the box, charmingly dishevelled, brilliantlyeloquent, with unstoppable prose.The lively Club spirit deliberately plays in contrast to its surroundings that don't give up their slightly decadent atmosphere.

The nostalgic scene that you breathe draws on the darkest Gothic novels, relocated to a Belle Epoque flat in Paris that jealously collects the best of Russian literature.

In a super imposition deliberately distracted by styles, times and visual suggestions that settle into a neat block, like a kind of imaginary barrier to the outside world.

Free to express themselves, the New Age poets offer the best of their modern prose and live contrasting sentiments, re-worked into a blend of emotions that distilinto a vibrant prose of fetchingclarity.

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