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Lorenzo Villoresi - Donna

Lorenzo VilloresiDonna

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Head Notes
Rose, Coriander, Currant, Clove, Rosewood
Heart Notes
Rose, Jasmine, Iris, Ylang - Ylang, Violet
Base Notes
Sandalwood, Musk, Narcissus

Lorenzo Villoresi - Donna - EdT

There is nothing as enjoyable as a perfectly composed floral fragrance and no one understands this better than Lorenzo Villoresi, who created Donna in 1994, an exploration through the inviting world of floral fragrance and a true timeless classic.

It seems like you cannot talk about a Lorenzo Villoresi perfume without recognizing the indelible mark it has made on the perfume industry, and Donna is no exception. This fragrance is quintessentially feminine and no other fragrance comes close to achieving the delicate balance of so many flowery sweet scents featured prominently in one well-rounded perfume.

Other flowery fragrances tend to overwhelm your senses resulting in an unpleasant experience, but Donna contains the perfect formula of Rose, Coriander, Blackcurrant, Carnation, and Rosewood in the top notes to set the tone for this tender and feminine fragrance.

The middle notes continue to take you on your metaphorical journey through a lush in-bloom garden as you are met with the scents of Rose, Jasmine, Iris, Ylang ylang, and Violet leaf. This is where Donna really shines. These middle notes define the very essence of what it means to be a woman.

The base notes of Sandalwood, Musk, and Narcissus do not disappoint as they enter the stage that has been so magnificently set by the ingredients in the top and middle notes. This twist in the end toward a muskier scent wraps up the bouquet of Donna flawlessly. Just when you thought the journey was ending, you are treated to a whole new set of wonderfully bright scents.

Donna is yet another impressive creation from the perfume making mastermind of Lorenzo Villoresi. Delve into your feminine side with the luscious floral notes found in Donna. Once you wear Donna, you will understand why it presents the female spirit and all of its beauty.

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