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Lorenzo Villoresi

Brand Portrait: Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze

From elite fragrances to cosmetics and hygiene accessories, Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze has carved a reliably good name in the field of beauty and charm. The Ebony Razor Mach set is an elegantly designed shaving tool that comes in geometric shape. It has three installed blades that enhances the ability to come up with a perfectly-shaved surface. Men?s skincare regimen has never been this easy and efficient.

With innovative thinking, Lorenzo has come up with a shaving set made of ebony wood along with a brush enveloped in a metal stand and pure badger. The brush is aimed at leaving a clear and clean finish with the comfort of hairless aftershave feel. The badger assures the utility and durability. With Lorenzo, beauty does not only become a thing for women but for men as well.

The shaving set is deemed more efficient when used with shaving cream of the same brand. These are beauty essentials that bring out the best in men and aid them in acting confidently. All these products were carefully conceived and formulated to suit almost all kinds of facial skins. The brand also offers all other kinds of accessories aimed at enhancing the chance of every men to look the best that they can be.