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Tauer Perfumes - Au Coeur du Desért

Tauer PerfumesAu Coeur du Desért

180,00 €
3.600,00 € per 1 l

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Tauer Perfumes - Au Coeur du Desért

An extrait version of L'Air du Desert Marocain? Shut up and take our money already.We adore everything that Andy Tauer does. But it's safe to say that the pinnacle of his artistic achievement has been the masterful L'Air du Desert Marocain, famously described by Tania Sanchez in Perfumes: The A-Z Guide as "entirely holy, beautiful, purifying, lit without shadow from all sides."

Part of the eternal appeal of this beautiful fragrance has always been its airy expansiveness, its ability to suggest a wide open space of desert air and boundless skies. Au Coeur du Desert takes the expansive, wide-angle scope and makes it into something far more intimate and human. If "L'Air" is indeed air, then "Coeur" is the heart, meaning grounded, earthy, and warm. As an extrait, the fragrance becomes more intimate, less booming, and quieter in tone of voice.


If perfumery is art Au Coeur du Desért is a statue, carved out of sun-beaten timber, softened with a gloss of aged patchouli and a patina of ambergris - coming to life with a balsamic glow. While still recognizably L'Air du Desert Marocain in terms of notes and overall feel, Coeur is more intimate, denser, warmer, and woodier. There is a dry, baked cedar wood aroma, as well as a touch perhaps of leather. The smokiness and airiness of the original have been dialed back to allow the sweet, woody amber core to glow more hotly. Dark, dry patchouli adds a damp earthiness that grounds the fragrance, and slick of salty ambergris gives a sensual skin-like feel.

Anybody wishing for more of a cozy, intimate experience rather than the racing, vast desert skies of the original will be satisfied with Coeur. It is a beautiful work of art in and of itself, and stands proudly beside L'Air du Desert Marocain.

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Ricardo. (07.05.2020)

Keine Angabe

Keine Angabe


Anonym. (07.05.2020)


Keine Angabe


Stefan. (09.05.2020)

the best

It is the best fragrance I have smelled, there is nothing like it


Juan. (19.05.2020)

Awesome product.

Incredible fragrance.


Nastase. (26.05.2020)

Keine Angabe

Keine Angabe


Manuel. (11.08.2020)

Keine Angabe

Keine Angabe