Tiziana Terenzi - Kirké

Tiziana TerenziKirké

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Head Notes
Passion Fruit, Fruity Notes, Cassis, Pear, Sand Chord
Heart Notes
Lily Of The Valley
Base Notes
Heliotrope, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Tiziana Terenzi - Kirkč

Immediately south of Rome is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Nowadays, it is a nature park, but it once was a wild place whose diversity of nature once took away the breaths of travellers on their Grand European Tour. This place is the sort of place that lives on in your memories for years after. It is as multi-facted as a diamond. Flanked on one side by massive sand dunes and the sea, the park is surrounded on the other sides by wild, uninhabited mountain ranges and lush forests. The area is dotted with the Mediterranean-style ruins and rubble that bear traces of the honorable men and women who once lived there. Strolling on the ancient hiking trails through the area, one feels almost emmeshed in the echoes of the scents, sounds, and memories of their glorious past. It is a dangerous lure, like the song of a mermaid or the melody that the goddess Circe used to lure her victims, as we were told in the Odyssey of Ulysses. This vivid scent enchants and entrances in much the same way.

Kirke is a magical and sensual perfume, equal to the strange power of the goddess who inspired it. It features a rich assortment of sweet fruits, such as passion fruit, peach and pear, mixed by skilful alchemy with raspberries and cassis. The silky caress of lily of the valley is as natural in feel as a barefoot walk in the sand, its dewy, green floralcy warmed by a distinctive heliotrope, and given force by dark patchouli and musk. Like the famous potions of the goddess Circe, this perfume enchants all who wear it. It leads them on mysterious paths to discover incredible wonders, evoking with great subtlety a myriad of feelings and inspirations. This maelstrom of passion and wonder awaits you too, holding still in its bottle until you choose to uncork it and hear the siren's sweet and dangerous song.

Extended Description: Tiziana Terenzi - Kirké

Kirke by Tiziana Terenzi is an enchanting fragrance with floral, woody, and delectably fruity notes. Tiziana Terenzi created the scent in 2015 and, since then, it’s been embraced around the world. Long-lasting and as evocative as a sultry Italian evening near the sea, Kirke blends scents like lily-of-the-valley and cassis for a truly distinctive fragrance made with designer attention to quality and artistry.

Old-World Allure

Kirke’s creators drew inspiration for their perfume from the wooded groves and orchards south of Rome. According to myth, these ancient fields and hidden valleys once teemed with nymphs and divine immortals like Circe who lured the heroes of old with her bewitching charm to her lair. Notes of this forbidden past mingle in Kirke as pear blends with sandalwood and maracuya mixes with heliotrope. If Hera herself wore scent, she’d have a bottle of Kirke on her nightstand.

A Blend of Fragrance Families

Kirke blends floral, wood, fruity, and gourmand families of scent. No single scent family overpowers another in this heady brew. Instead, they mingle like dancers at a summer fete, each perfectly represented to captivate and entice. Although Tiziana Terenzi designed this extrait de parfum for women, it’s also greatly admired by men. Never overtly feminine or masculine, Kirke is a fragrant shapeshifter like Zeus in his quest to woo Danae, Europa, and Io. The compelling mixture of scent families recalls an ancient past before smartphones and corporate meetings. Its romantic allure is frank, bold, and unmistakable as an Olympian on the trail of a new lover. 

Inspired by the Sea

Kirke features a hint of a sand scent that provides a soft foundation for its more ethereal scents. Reminiscent of walks along the Tyrrhenian Sea or picturesque Tuscan coast, the sand notes Kirke brim with an ancient fascination for the sea. Each time you dab scent on your wrists, you’ll be inclined toward sirens’ songs and the ruling forces of the waves, drawing you away from the mundane of the every day, stimulating your longing for the adventuresome unknown. 

Night in a Garden

Wearers of Kirke are brightened by its floral notes of lily-of-the-valley and heliotrope complemented by hints of strong, earthy sandalwood. Drift away from courtyard parties of aimless chatter into the night garden where the moon plays tricks on your senses with its dazzling medley of light and shadow. Kirke’s rich floral fragrances are provocative but never brazen. They mingle like pleasure seekers on a sultry night, walking arm in arm within a dark, mysterious wood. 

A Roman Feast for the Senses

Kirke gets its straightforward character from its fruity elements like maracuya, pear, and cassis. Imagine Roman banquets of old with long tables piled high with passionfruit, pears, and peaches, Sumptuous berries bursting with ripeness. The lush, velvety taste of blackcurrants brings a hypnotic scent to Kirke, while its passion flora notes introduce a tropical touch to the mix. Uncork your bottle of Kirke and time travel to ancient feasts of Rome to savor the unprocessed fruits of a late summer harvest and to taste the untameable past swirling with olive groves, honeyed pears, and sweet sultry plums. 

Seductive as Vanilla

Vanilla is Kirke’s crowning glory. Its seductive scent meanders through all the others as dazzling, as riveting as a magnificent serpent gliding through the garden. It fascinates and mesmerizes. It flirts and lingers like a cool summer mist you can almost taste on your lips. This gourmand note embodies the feeling of abundance and harmony. It’s awash with dreams of Eden, orange sunsets, and unexpected trysts. 

Passion in a Bottle

Kirke brims with the romance of ancient epochs and unspoken passions. Its dreamy quality is at once ethereal but tempered with earthen notes that lend poignant mortal flair to every drop. Kirke is for humans but you’d swear it’s divine. A perfect offering for the divine in your life, Kirke makes an extraordinary gift for you or someone else. This designer perfume is known for its long-lasting scent. Its rich ingredients combine to enchant wearers and anyone in their circle. 

This Tiziana Terenzi perfume is available now and comes in a sleekly elegant black and gold bottle. Embrace it as your new signature scent and bring its enchantment to your every day.

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