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Zoologist - Koala


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Head Notes
Eucalyptus, Menthol Honey Gumdrops, Mimosa
Heart Notes
Black Tea, Geranium, Incense, Spices, Vetiver
Base Notes
Musk, Amber, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Zoologist - Koala

The picture of the seemingly endless eucalyptus forest is green and carefree. Sunlight falls through the canopy of leaves in speckles. Here, a koala sitting in the treetops can be guessed at best. It behaves quietly, nestles in the branches and chews, sometimes here and sometimes there, on the oily leaves around it. The high trunks form a habitat and food source for it at the same time, here it sleeps, eats, and lives in its own territory, on which it insists. Its childlike expression and sleepy nature may be deceptive - but the feeling of spontaneous affection for this touching forest creature is not diminished by this!

The fragrance

Koala combines sweet eucalyptus and lemon honey in an invigorating blend. Their addition of black tea and spices, which interact with floral-herbal geranium and earthy vetiver, transports the senses into the heart of the Australian Forest. Here oakmoss and sandalwood combine with musk and vanilla to create a sweet, dark base note. Together they create in Zoologists Koala the rustling of the leaves and the ground of the forest and a playful, cuddly scent full of vitality and sunny lightness.

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