Zoologist - Bee


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Head Notes
Orange, Ginger Syrup, Royal Jelly Accord
Heart Notes
Broom, Heliotrope, Mimosa, Orange Flower
Base Notes
Benzoin, Labdanum, Musks, Sandalwood, Tonka, Vanilla

Zoologist - Bee

Honey-sweet curls over the flower-colored meadow, carried by the summer wind. Buzzing and humming fills the air. In the midst of this richly filled microcosm, the bee colony tirelessly carries pollen and nectar, drop by drop, to its hive. Here the tasks are clearly distributed and each bee knows which part it plays in the large mosaic of the swarm. A densely packed choreography of arriving and caring, dancing and setting off bees. They are all sisters and live through and for the one great queen.

The fragrance:

Zoologist Bee picks up the surreal seeming experience of this perfect little world in the beehive and gives it a gourmand aroma soaked with honey and flowers. The rich scent of Royal Jelly blended with the freshness of orange and ginger leads to floral notes of sweet floral broom and fine mimosa, relaxing heliotrope and summery orange blossom. Resting on a base of benzoin, musk, sandal, tonka and vanilla, Bee's character is enhanced and consolidated by another beguiling note.

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Serjant O. (22.03.2022)

It will be Honeymoon! :)

Really sweet and aromatic honey.. You have a feeling you opened a bottle with a fresh flowers honey at a summer day in a garden with flowers... Then the aroma is getting more dark sweet like sweet cuban cigars ... So I get my bottle soon... Happy parfum! 😀