Zoologist - Squid


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Head Notes
Pink Pepper, Solar Salicylate, Incense
Heart Notes
Black Ink Accord, Salty Accord, Opoponax
Base Notes
Ambergris, Benzoin, Musk

Zoologist - Squid

SQUID has been awarded as the "Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year 2020" by the International Fragrance Foundation (IFF).

Endless appearing depth behind restless waves. The sea tells its fairy tales in a special way and knows how to keep its secrets. Seemingly weightless, as if it were flying, the squid moves through the ocean. It searches for food and is, as it were, always careful not to become prey itself. If it is in danger, it blinds its enemies with dull ink. Many times he has been able to save himself in this way - but he is defenselessly at the mercy of the gigantic shadow that suddenly rises from the dark depths. It and with him, many of his kind disappear into the giant's mouth. Later, only few remains, embedded in the fragrant ambergris of the pot whale, will tell of his existence.

The fragrance

Squid sings the melancholic melody of the sea in its very own aquatic and haunting way. Voted the most extraordinary perfume of the year, it shows perfumers' art at the highest level. Salty spice meets crisp incense and a chord of black ink surrounded by the balsamic sweetness of fragrant ambergris. With Squid, Zoologist succeeds in creating an enigmatic mineral composition that appears as elegant and crackling as the infinite depths of the sea.

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Aslambek G. (01.07.2022)

Ocean depths

Combination of ink, salt, incense is really can make you feel like you are diving deep into the sunless salty abyss and nostrils are full of ocean water. Unusual experience.