Zoologist - Seahorse


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Head Notes
Guatemalan cardamom, fennel, ambrette absolute.
Heart Notes
clary sage, tuberose, neroli
Base Notes
seaweed absolute, vetiver, amber accord.

Zoologist - Seahorse - Limited Edition

The mysterious, silent world of the seabed is hidden beneath the crashing crests of the waves a few metres below the surface. Its sandy plains and wildly overgrown areas are the habitat of countless organisms, large and small. Colourful corals stretch out their finely branched, rigid arms, while delicate anemones and algae surrender to the current with graceful movements. The light reflections of isolated rays of sunlight dance across them, creating a mysterious, enchanted atmosphere. Now and then a fish looks for food, a shiny little shoal flits by. Only at second glance can the well-camouflaged group of shy seahorses be recognised. They timidly hide among the corals in search of a mate with whom they can perform their complicated mating ritual. Some time later, the males will conceal fertilised eggs in their pouch and shortly thereafter release a cloud of tiny seahorses into the vastness of the ocean.

The scent:
Zoologist's Seahorse allows a glimpse into its enchanted underwater world. The scenery on the seabed is gently illuminated by the incident sunlight - and is reflected in the theme of the fragrance bottle. Sandy seabed forms its base above it the turquoise blue of the fragrance, which is inspired by the light-flooded ocean. Zoologist is also guided by this colour scheme in the design of the label, surrounding the coral-adorned seahorse with the radiant blue of its home. The cap, enveloped in delicate sky blue, crowns Seahorse as an aesthetic unisex fragrance. Carefree and playful, its unconventionally arranged fragrance scenarios unfold, gently following the movements of the water. Opening with cardamom, fennel and an ambrette absolute, lush tuberose and neroli resound alongside clary sage in Seahorse's heart accord. Seaweed, vetiver and amber hold the fragrance. A sequence of notes that seems mystical, yet in absolute harmony, in its peculiar symphony of lovely rose and salty seaweed alongside almost surreal fennel and green vetiver. Seahorse forms from an unexpected melange into an energetic, floral-aquatic surge of carefree enthusiasm and radiant well-being.


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