Atkinsons 1799 - Oud Collection - The Other Side of Oud

Atkinsons 1799Oud Collection - The Other Side of Oud

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Atkinsons 1799 - Oud Collection - The Other Side of Oud


A mysterious fragrance that combines the classic woody and animalic nuances of oud with exciting modern elements for a scented experience that enchants with its novel take on the oud theme.


The Other Side of Oud weaves an exquisite accord of dark, mysterious wood with amber, warm spices and animalic notes for an experience that you'll be thinking about long after you've worn it. The composition reveals unprecedented and surprising facets of oud by contrasting the material with glowing roasted aromas and unexpectedly fresh nuances, among which the classic cardamom-spiked coffee of the Middle East. A spicy cocktail of ginger root, cinnamon, and fresh cardamom form a spicy opening that is both arresting and throat-ticklingly peppery. The heart note is a radiant mix of different oud nuances, backed by a bouquet of geranium and coffee blossom. It exudes the effortless charm of roast coffee beans, greenish spice, and a drop of cream in the form of vanilla absolute. The result is a scent that forms a protective shield around its wear, warding off bad spirits and low energy. A masterful balance of tradition and modernity.


Atkinson's oud scents detail some of the more idyllic aspects of the stretch of history when England and the Orient found each other. Scents in this collection are partly daring, partly romantic affairs, sketches of the desert conspiracies of kings, sheikhs and diplomats. Original British creations as exotic as the luminaries that inspired them. The Other Side of Oud was inspired by Prince Hussein Bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca, a man destined to be a leader from birth. Inspired by the vision of a unified, independent Arab state, he traveled to England at the beginning of the 20th century and negotiated with King George V for political recognition of his project. Courageous, loyal and ambitious, he offered England assistance in the fight against Turkey in return for independence. To celebrate this agreement, he commissions a fragrance from Atkinsons before returning to Amman. Charismatic, with oriental touches, but created by a British perfumer, this fragrance was to be a symbol of the newly formed Union between the Middle East and Europe. Envisaged as modern, engaging, fascinating, it had oud as its heart. Now this glorious symbol is revived by the house, in the form of a reissued fragrance of the same name and formula.

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