Brand Portrait: Atkinsons 1799

Atkinsons 1799 is a new perfume line from the prestigious perfume house with the same name. It is a luxury collection of four perfumes mixing exotic scents in vividly colored, classic shaped bottles that show off luxury and modern decadence. The classical bear was reinvented on these sturdy glasses, as an honor brought to the 200 years of existence. The perfumes contain reconstructed scents based on the original formulas.

“The British Bouquet” was inspired by the original dandy, Beau Brummell and contains a mixture of lavender, bitter orange, myrtle and leather. This perfume gives a very smooth, fine, somehow glorious feeling. “Fashion Decree” is an interesting perfume with a scent that reminds you of past times boudoir secrets. It is a mixture of patchouli, fiery pepper, Chinese magnolia and florals. If you are a fan of oriental perfumes, then this particular one will definitely be your favorite.

“The Nuptial Bouquet” is based on the flowers that Queen Victoria carried in her wedding bouquet like lily of the valley, white sandalwood, myrtle and violet leafs. “The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet” is an interesting and successful mixture of pink peppercorn, tobacco, leather and ginger. This absolutely amazing collection in one of the finest choices you can make.