Atkinsons 1799 - Oud Collection - Her Majesty The Oud

Atkinsons 1799Oud Collection - Her Majesty The Oud

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190,00 € per 100 ml

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Atkinsons 1799 - Oud Collection - Her Majesty the Oud

An English Rose blooming in the desert of Arabia - a luminous marriage between the dry, fierce elements of the orient with the sweet, cozy accents of English manners and tradition. The bold, dashing Briton, Gertrude Bell, became infamous in the Orient an adventurer, archeologist, and diplomat. Living most of her life in Baghdad, she became affectionately known as Khatun, or Queen of the Desert to the locals. It is her story that is the inspiration behind this beguiling scent, merging as it does the pleasures of the English afternoon tea with the smoky, tough elements of her surroundings.

Thus osmanthus petals give the impression of apricot jam, spread delicately on toasted English crumpets, with its bready aspects recreated by powdery iris and delicious tonka bean. This is followed by the red fruits, in the manner of a jammy red rose. Underlining these sweet, civilized elements is a streak of smoky, leathery oud, its harsh profile softening as soon as it meets the more Western notes, but still retaining that exotic, ancient woody character. A gently spiced vanilla crème anglaise takes shape in the base, fragrant with vanilla pods and tonka, and enlivened with a touch of powdery iris, it radiates as gently as the sun through a silk ladies' parasol. But still that hot desert breeze flows through the scent like a zephyr, blowing the fine muslin layers of Miss Bell's morning dress, reminding us that this is the land of the Bedouins, and not the Victorian society of London.

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