Pierre Guillaume Paris - Hesperidream

Pierre Guillaume ParisHesperidream

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Pierre Guillaume Paris - Hesperidream

A night in the Garden of the Hesperides

"Pillow Mist": a perfume for the bed ,inspired by the principles of aromachology. Applied to the pillow before going to bed, it ensures a good, relaxed sleep throughout the night - and sweet dreams...

The fragrance

The "Garden of the Hesperides" is known as a paradise garden from Greek mythology. According to legend, a miraculous tree with golden apples grew in that garden, which was guarded by nymphs and the hundred-headed dragon Ladon.

Hesperidream takes you to the fragrant dream worlds of the Hesperidian Garden as soon as you fall asleep. The perfume envelops the bed with heavenly scents - and a delicate cocoon of floral and slightly woody freshness.

In this garden bloom, grow and thrive fresh tangerines, delicate orange blossoms, soothing sage extract and vetiver - and yellow poppy, which is said to have a hypnotic and sleep-inducing effect.


Aromachology deals with the influences that scents have on our behavior, our feelings and our well-being. It is known from sleep research that pleasant scents can have a positive effect on our sleep and our dreams. Based on these findings, special "Pillow Mists" are created with which the bedding can be scented. They ensure a heavenly falling asleep experience!

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