Pierre Guillaume Paris

Brand Portrait: Pierre Guillaume Paris

Pierre Guillaume Paris, formerly known as Parfumerie Generale, is a name that is likely to be no stranger among the connoisseurs of quality niche fragrances. As one of the last bastions of independent French family business, the nose Pierre Guillaume develops idiosyncratic scents of special quality since 2002. No mainstream, not mass-production - just artistic fragrances for real enthusiasts and individualists. The entire production of the composition up to the bottling and labeling takes place under the direction of Pierre Guillaume. For him it is important that his masterpieces are produced entirely in France. With a fragrance from the house of Pierre Guillaume Paris you get a 100% French product.
PG - that stands for Parfumerie Générale and at the same time for Pierre Guillaume. A perfume - mastermind that profession comes from the field of fine chemicals. This technical know-how used for fragrance creation brings up something new. So he developed a technique called Photo Affinage in his own laboratory in France. Here, the scent is exposed to UV radiation, which ripens the scent in advance and adds a noticeable increase in the intensity. The combination of the usage of natural ingredients and this special high tech process, a very special fragrance experience is created. Explore the fragrances by PIERRE GUILLAUME Paris.