Puredistance - Black


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Puredistance - Black

"Puredistance BLACK is an understated elegant and mysteriously charming perfume that is close to the wearer and releases sensual and elegant scent layers in a whispering way...."

Puredistance BLACK is created in Paris by the famous French Perfumer Antoine Lie based on a concept of Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos. The essence of the concept was to create a perfume that is close to the wearer and releases sensual and elegant scent layers in a whispering way - without shouting. A mysterious fragrance that stays in the shadow, giving away - only every now and then - part of its nature. Antoine loved the concept and created a sophisticated perfume full of charm with the same elegant personality as the timeless classic Puredistance I, but then more masculine and oriental. And as a consequence of the concept of BLACK that treasures the beauty of the unknown, Puredistance does not reveal the ingredients of Puredistance BLACK....

Envision, Smell, Feel. Don't analyze

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