Brand Portrait: Puredistance

„Puredistance for me is a voyage to the essence. And in the essence lies beauty. The kind of beauty that is timeless.“

Jan Ewoud Vos

Puredistance is a privately owned company with a main office in the Netherlands and a wonderful showroom in the heart of Vienna: the Puredistance Perfume Lounge.

Puredistance exclusively focuses on a select collection of Masterperfumes and matching accessories. The most exclusive accessory is a limited edition Crystal Column. Specially designed to perfectly hold the perfume spray, this jewel is produced by the prestigious Swarovski company exclusively for Puredistance. Available in clear or mysteriously black crystal accented with 24-carat gold or high-grade polished steel...

According to the founder of Puredistance, Jan Ewoud Vos, true beauty is simple and pure - that´s why pure exclusivity and understated elegance are the heart and the soul of Puredistance...