Puredistance Master Perfumes: True Exclusivity

„;Puredistance for me is a voyage to the essence. And in the essence lies beauty. The kind of beauty that is timeless.“
Jan Ewoud Vos

Puredistance is a privately owned company with a main office in the Netherlands and a wonderful showroom in the heart of Vienna: the Puredistance Perfume Lounge.
Puredistance exclusively focuses on a select collection of Masterperfumes and matching accessories. The most exclusive accessory is a limited edition Crystal Column. Specially designed to perfectly hold the perfume spray, this jewel is produced by the prestigious Swarovski company exclusively for Puredistance. Available in clear or mysteriously black crystal accented with 24-carat gold or high-grade polished steel...
According to the founder of Puredistance, Jan Ewoud Vos, true beauty is simple and pure - that´s why pure exclusivity and understated elegance are the heart and the soul of Puredistance...

Brand Portrait: Puredistance Master Perfumes

If one would like to capture Puredistance perfume in just one term, it is undoubtedly the ideal of timeless beauty - aspired to and achieved - that Jan Ewoud Vos' Dutch fragrance house embodies to perfection. Symbolizing a journey to pure, unclouded essence, Puredistance stands for high-quality minimalism and elevates itself to an aesthetically clear art form in its fragrances.

Puredistance's roots lie in 2002 when Jan Ewoud Vos had a dream of creating a high-quality fragrance house. As an independent label, he launched Puredistance Parfum, creating one of the most exclusive perfume houses in the world. In cooperation with notable perfumers such as Antoine Lie, Cécile Zarokian and Annie Buzantian, Jan Ewoud Vos creates his own version of the impressively clear fragrance concepts of his perfume extrait. Without being bound to current trends, free of time frames and material constraints, this interplay gives rise to perfumes that meet the highest standards and thus the credo of Puredistance. Financial independence and detachment from fashion trends are just as important to Vos' Puredistance perfumes as the greatest possible freedom in the creative process and the option to make decisions without compromise in favour of the quality of his products.

Vos' fragrance visions implemented by prominent perfumers result in a select collection of masterfully arranged perfumes. Finely balanced and harmoniously matched, the scent layers of head, heart and base are developed based on excellent ingredients. The result is the classic character of each perfume oil, which is the basis for Puredistances perfumes. Behind the creations of Puredistance, characterized by passion and energy, are exclusively top-class fragrance experts. In New York, Annie Buzantian created the fragrances Puredistance 1, Antonia and Opardu. In London, none other than Roja Dove created Puredistance M. In Paris, Antoine Lie created no less than five incomparable Puredistance arrangements with the fragrances Black, Puredistance White Perfume, Gold, Warszawa and Aenotus. Also in Paris, Cécile Zarokian developed the unique Puredistance Sheiduna as well as Rubikona, Puredistance Parfum's latest creation to date. The arrangements of her interpretations give the high-quality perfume extrait a classic elegance that follows its individual path, leaving behind everything superfluous and focusing on the key, the essence.

Each Puredistance perfume thus awakened is embraced as a graceful, self-confident solitaire by a slender, elegant flacon. It contains 17.5 ml of the precious extract as a perfume spray and is crowned by a cap in shimmering gold. In addition, in a limited edition, the Svarovski columns of the Crystal Column Edition, handcrafted from clear and black crystal, highlight the beauty and aesthetics of the graceful vials in a special way. Provided with an engraved serial number, the Column Edition is a highly luxurious completion to Puredistance Parfums' design based on elegant restraint.

In keeping with Vos' overarching motto of "less is more," Puredistance Parfum announces for 2021 that it will add another twelfth Puredistance Parfum to the existing collection of its Puredistance 1, Antonia, Puredistance M, Opardu, Black, Puredistance White Perfume, Sheiduna, Warszawa, Aenotus, Gold, and Rubikona fragrances. With the presentation of this fragrance, the Puredistance collection will in future always comprise exactly twelve fragrances - in their usual form as a 17.5 ml perfume spray. The addition of a newly designed fragrance approximately every one to two years will replace one of the previous twelve fragrances at a time. A perfume that has been adopted will no longer be exhibited or advertised and will be available exclusively - for insiders - as part of the "Private Collection".

Consistently running through Puredistance Parfum's holistic corporate philosophy is the high-end luxury standard it has strived for since Vos' fateful dream. It extends from the creation of perfumes in New York, Paris and London to the choice of exquisite ingredients and materials, encompasses the special focus on sustainability, and is evident all the way to exclusive distribution in carefully selected perfumeries. Complemented by matching accessories from the luxury segment, Jan Ewoud Vos succeeds in conceiving olfactory elegance at the highest level with Puredistance perfumes.