Beaufort London - Revenants - Iron Duke

Beaufort LondonRevenants - Iron Duke

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260,00 € per 100 ml

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Beaufort London - Revenants - Iron Duke

Iron Duke is a scent for cowboys, buccaneers, and all-round miscreants - be they male or female. Quite simply, it smells like a shot of dark rum poured into a worn leather pouch filled with explosive, peppery gunpowder. The rum is dark and delicious, balsamic in a smoky, resinous way, and the leather is slightly oily and worn, like a piece of leather worn every day by a cowboy or a pirate, grown grimy and slightly salty with age. The gunpowder note gives the scent a dangerous, rakish edge - and the feeling that anything might happen tonight.

Notes:Animalic Notes, Gunpowder, Leather, Metallic Notes, Tabaco

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