Beaufort London

Brand Portrait:Beaufort London

The storm is a fundamental element of the family of musician Leo R. Crabtree. As the former drummer of a famous british band he swept across the stages of the world, as well as the storms over the wide oceans toured by his ancestors.
Born into a seafaring family he knows all the calm breezes and the raging storms pretty well  - they find themselves in countless ancient stories, myths and all sorts of spun yarns echoed. In the British perfume line BEAUFORT LONDON you will find a combination of British tradition, design and the history of the world of fragrances.
There is one element that connects all the base notes of the  "Come hell or high water" Trilogy': birch tar  -  and this was an fundamental element for the seafaring nation, as it was used to fill the cracks and crevices of the planks of the glorious fleet to protect against water penetration. In a metaphorical way once can say that the ships brought the Empire its fame and birch tar was the glue that held everything together.