Parfums de Marly - Layton Exclusif - EdP Spray

Parfums de MarlyLayton Exclusif - EdP Spray

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Head Notes
Bergamot, Mandarin, Aquatic Notes, Grapefruit
Heart Notes
Water Lily, Rose, Geranium, Gardenia, Oud
Base Notes
Cardamom, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Amber Note, Pepper, Vanilla, Coffee, Musk

Parfum de Marly - Layton Exclusif

Just when you think that all the secrets have already been revealed ...

Layton Exclusif is a refined, richer, and more ornamented version of Julien Sprecher's original Layton, a scent that had immediately gained legendary status after its launch in 2016. Opening with a soft, luxurious aroma of bergamot, almond, and mandarin, the first volley of the scent is lifted by a fresh, aquatic breeze that causes the citruses to sparkle.

A touch of exquisite, natural florals in the heart - minty, rosy geranium and creamy gardenia chief among them - is wrapped up in the sultry embrace of warm, resinous woods that smell like the darkest coffee beans ground with smoky gaiac wood. Deeply masculine and enveloping in aroma, the darkness of the accords are spiced with a spicy, naught civet note that adds sharpness and a sense of animal fur. The smoky, leather aspects of Laotian agarwood come to the fore as the woods are dying back a little, and together with a very dry, musky patchouli, lends an exotic Eastern flair and mystery to the scent. A peppery, almost mossy sandalwood polishes the tail end of the fragrance, giving Layton Exclusive a handsome and reassuringly masculine finish that will prove familiar to fans of classic French and Italian powerhouses.

Layton Exclusif strongly expands on the elegantly lighter notes of Julien Sprecher's original Layton to create a newly refined, more subtly forceful creation by Parfums de Marly. Launched in 2016, the bouquet behind this elegantly exotic fragrance is a work of art by master perfumer Merati-Kashani, with a whole new expressiveness that's entirely it's own.

The Notes of Layton Exclusif

Some of Layton Exclusif's top notes are richly textured citric touches of orange and mandarin along with deeper bodied hints of almond and bergamot. Underlying this is the middle notes of geranium, rose, gardenia and water lily with a full-bodied animal hint of civet. To give this fragrance a rich finish, base notes flow in from Laotian oud, coffee, sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, amber and a finishing hint of pink pepper. .

The Scent of Layton

Layton Exclusif opens with its discreetly luxurious aroma of top notes before refreshingly touching upon the crisper middle elements of citrus that arrive like a gentle summer breeze in the midst of a richly constructed range of textures that make up the masculine base elements of this creation. All of this complex scented texture is woven together in a sensuous embrace that includes the primal essence of richly resinous woods, smoky touches and a hint of rich coffee..
Layton Exclusif's deep exploration of fragrant complexity doesn't end here. The heart of this creation is its pink pepper and gardenia blends as they contrast with the wilder, darker base notes. The musky addition of civet adds a slightly animal tanginess to Merati-Kashani's perfume. Guaiac from Paraguay, Laotian agarwood and Indonesian patchouli with a dancing addition of Ceylon sandal complement Layton Exclusif's notes of amber and coffee to create a highly complex, deeply expressive body that presents itself strongly without overwhelming the senses to the point of saturation. The final result is something sensuously mysterious but with a great deal of subtlety rounding off its most expressive elements..

The Fragrance in a nutshell

To simply summarize the complex interplay of Layton Exclusif's perfume pyramid, the headnotes that sparkle immediately are almond, mandarin orange, bergamot and a touch of aquatic crispness. Underlying these are the uniquely combined heart notes of very gently animalistic civet alongside a tempering and a subtly woven bouquet of geranium, rose, gardenia and water lily. As a powerfully grounded base, Exclusif allows guaiac wood, Laotian oud, vanilla, coffee and sandalwood to rise with some intensity accompanied by sharper base notes of Indonesian Patchouli leaf, oakmoss, amber and finally, pink pepper..

Longevity and Projection

Layton Exclusif is notable for its longevity and projection even many hours after it has been applied. This perfume for men creates an entire Imaginarium of scented hints that balance over each other in a complex sensuality that can be appreciated for a long time by those wearing it and anyone in their presence..
Exclusif's blend of notes manages to create a strongly earthy masculine presence for its wearer while revealing a wonderfully complimentary lighter touch that delights the senses with its hints of more playful possibilities overlaying the base notes..

The Difference between Layton and Layton Exclusif

While the original Layton received a great deal of critical acclaim for its rich sparkle of flavours and explorations, Layton Exclusif definitively rises above its predecessor in its boldness, richness and strength of character. This is the more sophisticated, better-rounded successor to Layton that strongly fits a more expressive and confident personality. Presenting itself strongly without overwhelming a room, Layton Exclusif is a superb choice in terms of sophistication, price and long-lasting intensity that's timelessly fresh. .
Those who are already fans of french and Italian powerhouses of perfume creation will especially appreciate Layton Exclusif as a superb complement to their existing range of scents. This is a fragrance that's perfectly at home in any setting and can be worn with equal comfort in a boardroom, late-night lounge or during an afternoon adventure..

The Bottle of Layton Exclusive

The entire creation is bottled in a smoked black glass flask with a silvery cap that is presented in discreetly black packaging. From its scent to its presentation, Layton Exclusif speaks of subtle power, rich texture and masculine elegance. Maturity and well-balanced sophistication with earthy darkness refreshed by one very expressive fresh side are the central elements of Layton Exclusif, and they reveal themselves without saturating with their complex elements.
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