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Brand Portrait: Niance Switzerland

NIANCE® ? The Anti-Aging Revolution!

NIANCE® is a real premium brand from Switzerland and stands for highly effective and high quality anti aging skincare products. The worldwide innovative approach to skincare means a revolution in the world of high class cosmetics - NIANCE® Multi-Anti-Aging!

What makes the products so unique is their effect on all skin levels and the purity of the ingredients. Those who are searching for the most effective anti aging skincare while at the same time want the best compatibility and real luxury will find the best possible skincare in NIANCE®: Get exceptional skin. Feel exceptional.
NIANCE® means skincare without compromises - short-lived trends are not in the focus of the brand. Nor is it the focus on only one effective ingredient - your skin needs quality on every level. This is why the philosophie behind is all new: the NIANCE® Multi-Anti-Aging!
NIANCE® MEN: The first luxurious anti aging skincare collection which has been developed especially for the skin of men. The latest and best ingredients of the Swiss science make these products a real revolution in male skincare.