Brand Portrait: Baruti


Baruti is a perfume house from the Netherlands, founded by Spyros Drosopoulos, who is both a perfumer and a philosopher.  He says: ?Making perfumes is a way of expressing myself and thus I think my work qualifies as art. Sometimes the message is evident, sometimes a little bit more obscured but I always speak to the connoisseur in everyone! So don't be surprised if you are surprised by what you smell, just trust your nose!" 

Baruti, which means ?gunpowder? in Greek, is a word that describes anything that?s a little edgy, non-conformist, and boundary-pushing, and thus fits the ideology behind the brand to perfection. Baruti fragrances are for people who want to go beyond the merely pretty into the great wide open represented by artistic experimentation. Baruti fragrances are beautiful, challenging, and emotive experiences that will provoke a strong reaction both from their wearer and those around him or her.