Baruti - Greek for "gunpowder"- is also a word used to describe something that has a bite or edge.

Born out of love for the art of perfumery, Baruti is on a mission to create unique scents that defy fragrance conventions and combine novelty with wearability. The brand is for those perfume lovers who are looking for something different, distinctive and authentic.

Composed and compounded in-house, the artisan perfume house does not compromise on the quality of raw materials and originality. All fragrances are crafted with the utmost care in small batches in Baruti's laboratory in Amsterdam.

Each fragrance is designed as unisex and has a distinctive personality that captivates the imagination as well as creates a unique olfactory experience.

About the founder
Born in the Netherlands, raised in Greece and educated in Germany, Spyros Drosopoulos has an unusual background for a perfumer. Aside from being one of the very few self-taught perfumers in the world, he also happens to be a former academic with a doctorate in neuroscience.

Spyros has always been fascinated by all things sensory, and for him, taking an introductory perfume-making class back in 2009 proved to be a life-changing experience. It prompted him to leave the comfortable cocoon of academia, quit his teaching job at the University of Amsterdam and dedicate all of his time and energy to studying perfumery.

After several years of intensively studying and experimenting with hundreds of perfume materials, Spyros released his first creations onto the market in 2015.

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