Brand Portrait: OJAR

And that, too, is Oman: land of incense and precious scents! Oman is considered the cradle of frankincense - which is also often referred to poetically as the "tears of Allah". The historic incense route runs here - an old trade route on which countless caravans once spread the coveted incense resin from the Boswellia tree all over the world. It has been grown and cultivated in Oman for thousands of years.

The perfume house OJAR comes from that homeland of frankincense and fine fragrances. It was founded by Sheikha Hind Bahwan, a well-respected personality and entrepreneur from Oman. She was inspired to found the noble perfume brand by two great passions in her heart: the passion for perfume - and the love for the rich cultural heritage of her home country.

And so, of course, one ingredient plays a very special role in OJAR fragrances: Frankincense from the Dhofar region in the south of the Arabian Sultanate, where the cultivation of the Boswellia tree has a tradition going back thousands of years. The incense resin Hojari also comes from here - a particularly precious type of incense of the highest quality, from which the brand name OJAR is derived.

OJAR presents six perfume collections, each of which has been composed around six different key notes. In addition to frankincense, these are sandalwood, musk, the agarwood essence oud - and two other exquisite treasures from Oman: magnificent roses from the mountains of Jebel Akdhar... and golden honey from the surrounding area of the historic town Rustaq on the northern edge of the Hajar Mountains.

Created in collaboration with accomplished perfumers and the renowned fragrance house Givaudan, OJAR perfumes are inspired by traditional perfume rituals and the travels of their creator Sheikha Hind Bahwan. In them, oriental and western scent impressions, traditional craftsmanship and modern perfumery merge.

Experience a fabulous fragrance journey to the Orient with OJAR. Just allow yourself to be beguiled and enchanted by the alluring fragrant treasures of the Orient!