In the art of olfactory storytelling, ALTAIA's elegant contemporary creations tell of love, longing and the shared past of two families. ALTAIA unfolds as a unique collection of wonderful fragrance arrangements whose roots lie hidden in Argentina's history and whose compositions reflect the fate of Marina Serales and Sebastián Alvarez Murena. As descendants of Argentina's first president, General Bartolomé Mitre, and James Morrison, the most important English entrepreneur of his time, both families are embedded in the historical events of Argentina's progress and change - and to this day, one can sense the handwriting of their great-great-grandfathers, who campaigned for the expansion of Argentina's railway network.

A century and a half later, Marina and Sebastián meet as strangers in Rome. Unaware of their families' special historical relationship, they fall in love and their shared fascination for the world of perfumes manifests itself in their first joint perfume creations. When, by chance, they discover the extraordinary link between their family histories, it not only becomes an elementary part of their relationship, but also serves as a source of inspiration for an unusually personal collection. Under the name "A long time ago in Argentina", or ALTAIA for short, their evocative fragrance compositions come together to provide intimate insights into Marina and Sebastián's world as snapshots.