Roja Parfums

Brand Portrait: Roja Parfums

"I think a perfumer is a poet or a storyteller (...) We paint pictures, but we don't use color. We tell stories, but we don't use words. Instead, we allow the raw materials to express our ideas, our vision, using the language of perfume. " Roja Dove

When Roja Dove starts talking about his fragrances, it becomes clear how he combines knowledge and vision. That luxury is not meant to serve an exclusive cliché but stands for select, unconditional quality. How wonderful the moment feels when he holds the finished perfume in his hands and it becomes apparent that the original thought behind the fragrance is unfolding its effect and coming to fruition. Dove describes these moments with contagious, comprehensible enthusiasm. As a passionate perfumer, he shows what creative work with fragrances can look like: lively, diverse, full of facets and angles, clear and pure, but also colourful and playful! His talent and extensive exposure to the art of perfumery are reflected today in Roja's reputation for creating the finest fragrances in the world.

Source materials, such as Rose de Mai, Jasmine de Grasse and natural ambergris, whose value far exceeds that of gold, blend in his hands to create elegant olfactory entities. They are joined by exquisite fragrance oils and the finest wax used in the manufacture of Roja's carefully hand-poured candles. Roja shows how perfumers' art of the highest standards combined with these first-class raw materials can make fragrances of unparalleled quality a reality. Roja claims an exclusive level both for the designed fragrances, which are exclusively produced in England and for the flacons that house them. The appropriate setting for each fragrance from the house of Roja is provided by a noble bottle bedded in silk, adorned with a 24-carat gold-plated cap set with crystals.

The fascination with the essence of fragrances has accompanied Roja Dove since childhood. It was the only possible way for him to dedicate himself to the world of fragrance, he says of himself. Today, with artistic magic, he manages to let us participate in the journey to his places of dreams and perfection in the form of his creations. Roja fragrances literally narrate, they lead the senses to imagined areas, whose olfactory realization is in amazing dimensions. Dove understands the language of fragrance in a unique way: what he composes exudes thoughts and sensations, spreads its aura and creates complex, detailed images. From his fragrances emerge worlds that reach the senses to their most hidden corners. Memories and associations are awakened, sensations are captured and, guided by Roja's finely spun creations, intuitively united into meaningful and multi-layered representations.

The balanced palette of his fragrance collection is based on the conviction that there is a perfume for every person that corresponds to him or her in perfection. The realization of his fragrance vision and the high reputation of his work, based on Roja Dove's exceptional artistry and the undeniably exquisite quality of Roja perfumes, have led to collaborations with prestigious brands such as Rolls Royce, Laurent-Perrier, The Four Seasons, Fabergé and The Macallan since the launch of the brand in 2011. As the world's most luxurious fragrance house, Roja thus occupies a deserved place at the forefront of artistic innovation in England. It has been honoured by the British government with the title of Ambassador for the Campaign of British Craftsmanship.

It all started with a kiss goodnight. One evening, when his mother leaned over little Roja to give him a kiss before going to bed - he became aware of it for the very first time: this scent! That very special connection between person and moment ...

From then on he was in love with the fragrance, sneaked into his mother's bedroom, tried all of her perfumes. Years later, these first tentative steps of his nose would lead to the world-famous master perfumer Roja Dove - or "the man who made a career out of smelling superb", as the men's magazine GQ once called him.

His path led him from studying medicine in Cambridge to the legendary luxury house Guerlain. He is said to have bombarded Guerlain with several inquisitive letters about perfume until Robert Guerlain finally surrendered - and offered him a job. Now Roja Dove was able to follow his calling, look behind the scenes of fragrance production and learn everything about perfume.

He worked for Guerlain for two decades, became a world ambassador for the company and even received the honourable title of "Professeur de Parfum". Can it get any better? Oh yes: in 2004 he opened the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie boutique in London's cult department store Harrods. And in 2011 he finally launched his very own line of perfumes. Now the British perfumer was no longer the world ambassador of Guerlain - but of Roja Parfums, his own luxury fragrance brand with a worldwide reputation, named after himself.

Today Roja Parfums is considered one of the most luxurious perfume houses in the world. Roja Dove is known for his creative style of fragrance composition - as well as for working only with the best raw materials. From Rose de Mai, Jasmine de Grasse and natural ambergris (all of which cost more than pure gold), to handcrafted silk-lined boxes or crystal-encrusted caps coated with 24-carat gold: every aspect of Roja Dove perfumes is uncompromising luxurious.

“I believe a perfumer is a poet or a storyteller who creates the tangible from the intangible,” says Roja Dove, “abstract images that strike at our core. We are painting pictures but we just don’t use paint. We are telling stories but we don’t use words. Instead, we allow raw materials to express our ideas, our vision, using the language of perfume.”

This conviction runs like a golden thread through each of the magnificent elixirs by Roja Dove.