Brand Portrait: 3 Lab

- The Evolution of Revolutionary Products. Perfect Science. Perfect Products. Perfect Skin. State of the Art Cosmeceutical from the USA! The spring of everlasting youth - myth or fact?

Most of us have arranged with the fact that the fountain of youth is only a fairy tale. The people behind 3LAB have not: since 2007 they have clearly approached mankind's dream of eternal youth. Erica Y. and David Chung together with a team of leading dermatologists and scientists have made their goal to create the perfect anti-aging skincare, a combination of scientific knowledge and highly concentrated ingredients. Their vision: Perfect Science. Perfect Products. Perfect Skin. 

The result is an all new dimension of skincare. The scientists behind 3LAB have developed Nano-Clair GYTM, a special complex of active ingredients that simulates the effects of the growth-hormone HGH, which is essential for beautiful and youthful skin and helps to decrease aging in an impressive way. This patented substance is uniquely used in the products by 3LAB, such as the Perfect Neck Cream which provides you with a perfectly treated neck and décolleté, or the Body Cream, 3LAB's first body treatment which provides your body with the same highly concentrated ingredients as your face. For their high effectiveness and the included scientific knowledge the products by 3LAB may also be called Cosmeceuticals.