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Markenportrait: Trudon

The history of French perfume as it’s known today–a scented concoction designed for spraying on an individual–extends as far back as the Renaissance period in the 16th century.

French brand Cire Trudon has been at the forefront of scent creation and crafting luxury items (most famously candles) for almost as long. Founded in 1643 on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, it has been the go-to salon for France’s rich and royal for centuries.

Follow along as we dive into the industry-making and decidedly luxurious history of Cire Trudon.

A Thoroughly French Beginning

Following a successful marriage, French trader Claude Trudon settled in bustling Paris. It was the middle of the 17th century.

At this time, Paris was the largest city in Europe. A succession of increasingly extravagant kings–Henry IV, Louis XIII, and Louis XIV–was investing in beautification projects like parks and palaces.

Trudon opened a store where he sold candles and spices to everyone, from discerning Parisians to local church administrators. It wasn’t until Louis XIV’s reign that Trudon took the first step in establishing his legacy, the family-run Trudon candlemaking manufactory. After his retirement, his son, Jacques, took over the business, taking on the coveted position of official distiller and apothecary for the royal court at Versaille.

Growth on a Regal Scale

In 1737, heir Jérôme Trudon purchased the Royal Wax Manufacture. Founded in Antony, a town located south of Paris, by Michel Brice Péan de Saint Gilles in 1702, the factory whitened waxes and made candles under royal approval.

Jérôme Trudon’s inspired investment in innovation propelled Maison Trudon into one of France's largest and most respected candles and scent makers. The factory’s motto was “DEO REGIQUE LABORANT,” which means: “They work for God and the King.” Surprisingly, “they” referred to the bees that make the beeswax used for the candles, not to the Trudon family.

Focus on the Finest Materials

Fast forward to the last 1800s and the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. The company, along with its factory, passed into the hands of the Carrière brothers.

These inspired entrepreneurs had a passion for modernization. As the successors of the Trudon family’s candlemaking prowess, they continued to innovate and refine the materials. They even took home a coveted gold medal for their candles at the 1889 World Exposition Paris.

The standards set by first the Trudon and their successors, the Carrière brothers, would last generations. Both then and now, Cire Trudon encases its candles in their signature green hand-crafted glass. Every candle is made of the highest quality vegetable wax and carefully poured into these delicate vessels by hand.

Amazingly, the production of Trudons candles, room sprays, and perfumes still take place in the same Norman factory the company has operated from for centuries.

The most popular Cire Trudon scented candles are:

Why Is Cire Trudon So Coveted?

As one of the most enduring homewares companies in the world, how has Trudon managed to survive centuries of turmoil and trade? Their secret lies in their drive for perfection.

Dissecting the Success of Cire Trudon

That the candles are still handmade is impressive enough. Add onto that the careful curation of accessories, from wicks to packaging, and you have a near-perfect product. Trudon luxury items are synonymous with timeless elegance and exceptional skill.

Behind the enduring success of their product development lies a dedication to detail.

Trudon works with some of the world’s leading perfumers to create their signature candle scent. The company carefully manages every step of the fragrance and candle creation process–from selecting the raw materials and the laboratory testing of formulas to combining the perfume with the wax.

Even the eponymous Trudon labels, decorated with imagery crafted by British painter and illustrator Lawrence Mynott, are affixed to the packaging by hand!

A Company That Cares

In 2018, Cire Trudon partnered with Orne Dark Bee Conservancy to launch a conservation program. Trudon dedicates 4 percent of its candle sales to the organization's environmental efforts, which focus on protecting the endangered endemic European dark bee.

The choice to support this organization is not corporate greenwashing, either. The European dark bee is a vital part of the Perche Regional Nature Park ecosystem–the Trudon manufacturing center's location for centuries.

Bees are also integrally linked to the Cire Trudon brand. After all, there would be no wax for the iconic, naturally crafted Trudon candles without bees.

Perfume for the Body

Forever a leader in the scented luxury candles market, it made sense when in 2017, Trudon launched a collection of Eaux de Parfums. Created by creative director Julien Pruvost, the scents play on the heady history of Trudon’s candles, but with a contemporary twist.

Pruvost designed each perfume to appeal to both sexes. Bruma and Olim hint at royalty's vanity and decadence, while others in the range feature more modern notes.

A year after launch, the Fragrance Foundation Awards named Bruma their 2018 winning scent. This was all the proof the company needed to show they have succeeded in one of the world’s most competitive luxury sectors.

How to Use Cire Trudon Products

Cire Trudon candles will scent a room even when not lit. This high-end decor product is an investment in home-care. Each candle needs special care if you want it to last as long as possible.

Keep the candle in a cool, dark spot away from other household fragrances. This will prevent melting, reduce unwanted scent dissipation, and keep the colour of the candle. Don’t light the candle in a room that’s free from draughts–changes in air pressure will cause the candle to burn unevenly.

Let your Cire Trudon candle burn for no more than three hours, and use a candle snuffer to put out the flame. If you’re trimming the wick, make a clean cut at a length of half-a-centimetre.

Trudon diffusers, room spray, and pillar candles may need special care. Refer to the instructions included with the product. And don’t forget, once your candle is finished, you can use the finely crafted, handblown Cire Trudon glass for decorative purposes.

A Cult-Like Following

Just as Trudon candles so enamoured the Sun King, Louis XIV, Cire Trudon’s modern range of candles, perfumes, and luxury items have captured the imaginations of today’s most discerning fragrance lovers.

Ryan Seacrest loves the Cire Trudon Cyrnos. Amy Sedaris thinks the Ernesto candle burns “really nicely.” And Alexa Chung is a big fan of the smoky, grassy Byron.

Scent yourself and your home with some of the world’s most luxurious housewares and perfumes. Shop Cire Trudon products online at Essenza Nobile.