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Sensai Skincare

Brand Portrait: Sensai Skincare

The Japanese word Sensai means "delicate", "graceful" or "fine" - and thus aptly describes the wonderfully silky feeling that Sensai's skin care products leave on the skin.

The luxurious creams and lotions from Japan have conquered the European cosmetics market since the turn of the millennium; however, their history reaches back to the 19th century and began in an industry that at first glance might not be associated with skin care: cotton, textiles - and silk.

Sensai's silky history - or: How silk got into the cream jar

Sensai has been a distinct brand since 2001. The Japanese parent company Kanebo was founded in 1887. At that time the company was called "Tokyo Cotton Trading Company", but it was renamed "Kanegafuchi Spinning Company (Kanebo)" just six years later.

At the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century, Kanebo traded in cotton products, fine cloth, fabrics and textiles. The company shows itself to be an innovative and progressive employer: In 1905, Kanebo sets up health insurance and founds its own clinic for employees, offers free health care for the poor and starts educational programs for Kanebo workers and their children.

At this point, no one could imagine that Kanebo would one day become synonymous with luxury cosmetics. Probably not even the director of Kanebo himself, who was called Muto Sanji at that time. And yet he started the ball rolling - with an accidental discovery that should change everything.

After Kanebo began manufacturing fine silk in addition to cotton in 1908, Muto Sanji discovered during a tour of the Kanebo factory premises that the silk spinners have much more delicate and soft hands than the textile workers who work with cotton. Once he has noticed this, he has the unusual phenomenon investigated. The surprising result: it is extracts from the silk threads that make the skin of the silk spinners remarkably smooth.

Muto Sanji then founded the first Kanebo research laboratory - and thus laid the foundation for Kanebo's later complete change to the cosmetics profession. Totally visionary, Muto Sanji recognized the skincare potential of silk.
After years of research, the time had finally come in 1936: The Savon de Soie luxury soap based on silk oil extracts was the first skin care product by Kanebo. From 1939, the company increased its production of cosmetic products; Creams, lotions, pomades, face powder, shampoos and similar care products follow the silk soap.

During these years, an almost unprecedented company metamorphosis took place: the former textiles trading company gradually became a cosmetics manufacturer. Finally, Kanebo gave up textile production completely. Just as if the company had found its true profession.

Only one major theme from the early days constantly remained at Kanebo over the years: silk. It is the signature ingredient in many of the company's products, which refers to the roots of Kanebo - and to how it all began.
In the decades that followed, many groundbreaking innovations from Kanebo appeared: For example the Hydrophilic Cold Cream (1951), the moisturizing lotion Queen Eau de Cologne (1952), the anti-aging cream May Young Cream (1960) or the Lady 80 Bio Lipstick (1984).

Since the early 1980s, Kanebo also paid particular attention to research hyaluronic acid. Around this time, Kanebo became known to a larger audience in Europe: in 1980, Kanebo Cosmetics Europe Ltd. was founded - just one year after the introduction of the Kanebo brand Joset in the London luxury department store Harrods.

Sensai as a distinct brand did not yet exist at that time, but the harbingers could already be seen on Kanebo products. In 1989, for example, the word "sensai" (Japanese for "delicate", "graceful", "fine") appeared in the name of an ultra-exclusive anti-aging cream: Kanebo Sensai La Crème. The luxurious skin care treasure is known for its outstanding qualities - and is considered one of the most precious creams in the world.

Around the turn of the millennium - between 1997 and 2001 - Kanebo positioned itself more broadly and launched several new brands on the international cosmetics market: the two make-up lines Kate (1997) and Lunasol (1999), the skin care series Aqua and Evita (2000), ... and finally, in 2001 (with a special focus on Europe) Sensai.

Sensai was first launched on the Russian cosmetics market in 2001 - and is now available in almost all European countries. Sensai is one of the top brands in the field of skin and anti-aging care today - a premium brand that combines exclusivity, quality, science and the highest standards in its noble care products.

Koishimaru Silk - Sensai's precious signature ingredient

The noble Koishimaru silk is one of the most valuable types of silk in the world. Once reserved exclusively for the Japanese imperial family, Koishimaru silk is a hundred times more expensive than normal silk; it is characterized by the fact that it is particularly fine and exceptionally bright and radiant.

Sensai obtains highly effective silk proteins and a special peptide from the precious silk threads, which activates the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid. The Japanese Koishimaru silk not only bathes the skin in velvety suppleness and a silky sense of well-being, but also gives it intensive moisture, a fresh radiance - and a plump, firm and smooth appearance.

Sensai skin care products - anti-aging care for best results

"Beauty", as a Japanese proverb says, "is the flower of happiness". According to this credo, the noble care products by Sensai pamper your body, mind and senses, give the skin new beauty - and a unique feeling of well-being.

With regular use, Sensai's anti-aging care achieves optimal results for the skin. The products of the prestigious care series are divided into the categories of cleansing, facial care, essences, eye care, special care, sun care and body care.

Sensai Saho - the care ritual for body, skin and beauty

Sensai wouldn't be Sensai without Saho. Today, Sensai is inextricably linked to the Saho ritual. In Japan, "Saho" describes the rules of the traditional tea ceremony. Inspired by that fine Japanese tea etiquette, Sensai has created its own ceremonial: Saho - a ritual with its own process and rules.

But even if there is nothing wrong with drinking tea while doing so, Sensai Saho has nothing to do with drinking tea, but with skin care and beauty.

Sensai Saho is an interpretation of the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony, which is intended to promote special attention and mindfulness when caring for the skin. So it transfers the thoughtful, ritual-like ceremonial from the tea culture to the field of skin care.

What is Sensai Saho?

Sensai Saho is a ritual with which you can start the day with perfect skin care - and end the day with relaxed, well-groomed serenity. Used regularly, Sensai Saho offers the skin a unique care experience - with a very valuable care result: the typical Sensai silk skin. A skin as velvety, soft and supple as precious silk!

Sensai Saho helps to achieve a flawless, supple, velvety-silky skin - with a finely tuned treatment triad of double skin cleansing, double moisturizing care and double application. The Sensai Saho ritual supports you in doing the individual treatment steps on your skin in the right way and order.

Sensai Saho - Phase 1: Double cleansing of the skin

In the first phase of Sensai Saho, the skin is cleansed and clarified in two steps.

In the first step, the skin is cleaned. Cleansing products are used to remove oil-based skin impurities such as make-up and sebum, while retaining moisture and gently cleansing the skin without irritating it.

The following Sensai products are particularly suitable for this treatment step:

  • Ultimate The Cleansing Oil
  • Silky Purifying Cleansing Balm
  • Silky Purifying Cleansing Oil
  • Silky Purifying Cleansing Gel
  • Silky Purifying Cleansing Cream
  • Silky Purifying Cleansing Milk
  • Silky Purifying Gentle Make-Up Remover For Eye & Lip

In the second step, the complexion is clarified and dirt particles and dead skin cells are removed. Clarifying the skin requires facial cleansing products that are suitable for all skin types and remove sebum, water-based impurities and dead skin cells. They prepare the skin for the subsequent moisturizing care.

The following Sensai products, which gently cleanse and clarify the skin with a silky foam based on botanical extracts, are particularly suitable for this treatment step:

  • Ultimate The Creamy Soap
  • Silky Purifying Clear Gel Wash
  • Silky Purifying Mud Soap (Wash & Mask)
  • Silky Purifying Creamy Soap
  • Silky Purifying Milky Soap

The skin is now thoroughly cleansed and perfectly prepared for Sensai Saho - Phase 2.

Sensai Saho - Phase 2: Nourish and hydrate the skin

In Sensai Saho Phase 2, the skin is supplied with moisture and nutrients in two steps.

In the first step, the skin is hydrated and moistened. The following Sensai care products are suitable for this:

  • Ultimate The Lotion
  • Ultimate The Micro Lotion
  • Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Treatment
  • Prime Solution
  • Cellular Performance Lotion I (Light)
  • Cellular Performance Lotion II (Moist)

In the second step, the skin is supplied with nutrients. The following Sensai skin care products are suitable for this treatment step:

  • Ultimate The Emulsion
  • Ultimate The Cream
  • Absolute Silk Fluid
  • Absolute Silk Cream
  • Absolute Silk Illuminative Cream
  • Cellular Performance Emulsion I (Light)
  • Cellular Performance Emulsion Ii (Moist)
  • Cellular Performance Emulsion Iii (Super Moist)
  • Cellular Performance Cream
  • Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Cream
  • Cellular Performance Lifting Cream
  • Cellular Performance Lifting Radiance Cream
  • Cellular Performance Lift Remodelling Cream
  • Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Cream
  • Cellular Performance Hydrachange Cream
  • Cellular Performance Advanced Day Cream

Sensai Saho - Phase 3: Application / massage

With the Sensai Saho Phase 3, the penetration and effect of the moisturizer is optimized in two steps.

In the first step, the skin care product is first massaged around the cheeks, eyes and forehead, then down to the mouth (repeat this massage ritual several times). Then massage in from the nose to the forehead and neck (again, repeat this step several times).

In the second step of the Sensai Saho care ritual, you press the skin in five different places between the chin and forehead for a few seconds.

The Sensai product lines

Sensai products are divided into different product lines:


Sensai Silky Purifying reflects the passion of Japanese culture for purity. Packed with extra-gentle ingredients and a soothing scent, the products of this "silky" line cleanse and clarify the skin - thoroughly and gently.


The SILKY BRONZE sun care series protects the skin from UV radiation, targets skin problems caused by sun exposure - and lets the skin glow with a wonderfully silky bronze complexion.


The first hydration step of the Saho ritual. A power duo of extracts from the noble Koishimaru silk and Sanzashi (hawthorn) develops its nourishing properties and prepares the skin for the subsequent skin care steps.


The Sensai series ULTIMATE offers a skin care experience at the highest level. A powerful synergy of the Sakura Eternal Complex and noble silk essences ensures firm, flawless skin with a delicate, luminous glow.


The name of this Sensai line says it all. And it doesn't promise too much: ABSOLUTE SILK bathes the skin in the finest silk essences!


As their name suggests, the EXPERT ITEMS are true experts for special skin care needs and skin areas. Among others, they especially focus on the sensitive lip and eye region.

Sensai's flagship line: Sensai Cellular Performance

Creams, lotions, emulsions: Sensai Cellular Performance is Sensai's flagship line. The anti-aging skin care series pampers and nourishes the skin, gives it firmness and moisture - and effectively combats and reduces wrinkles. The ultimate aim of this high-end line: the typical Sensai "silk skin".

The Sensai Cellular Performance care series is divided into five categories:

HYDRATING SERIES - promotes the hyaluronic acid synthesis and ensures a continuous supply of moisture to the skin.

WRINKLE REPAIR SERIES - accelerates the skin's natural collagen turnover cycle, providing a rich supply of fresh collagen to fill and plump wrinkles from within.

EXTRA INTENSIVE SERIES - helps skin restore lost elasticity, moisture and natural beauty with visible results.

LIFTING SERIES - the perfect skin care series for all those who are affected by a loss of skin firmness on their face. In combination with the original Sensai Saho massage method, it effectively helps to make the skin smooth and supple.

BODY CARE - this Sensai skin care line transfers the benefits of Sensai face care to the body. A body care series with 100% anti-aging power!

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