Brand Portrait: LediBelle

Natural skincare for sensitive skin from Switzerland

Have you ever done a whey cure? Unless you're born in the 18th or 19th century, then probably not yet. At that time, however, whey cures were a widespread health trend in Swiss health resorts.

The whey cure hype began around 1749. At that time, reports were circulating about a Swiss doctor who was said to have cured a patient with a lung disease with a whey cure in the village of Gais (in the Swiss region Appenzellerland). Although whey (a by-product of cheese production) was praised for its healing properties as early as the 16th century by the famous Swiss physician Paracelsus, it was not until the medical healing success in the Appenzellerland that the whey cure became the focus of public attention - and enjoyed increasing popularity.

From then on, more and more Swiss health resorts included the whey cure in their health program. During the stay, warm milk and whey were drunk instead of medicinal water from thermal springs. Goat's milk was considered particularly healing. The whey cure was mainly used for lung and respiratory diseases, but also to cure skin diseases.

Nowadays, the Swiss cosmetics manufacturer LediBelle continues this old tradition. The company, too, resides in the Appenzellerland, where the whey cure was once "invented". The idea of reviving the whey cure tradition in the form of modern skin care goes back to Albert Koch, a native inhabitant of Appenzell. As luck would have it, his family is friends with the Schnorr family from Fulda (a town in Germany). Konrad Schnorr sells Swiss cheese in Germany, while his son Maximilian and his wife Svetlana sell Dolce & Gabbana beauty products in Geneva and Moscow.

In 2015, members of the two families spend a skiing holiday together in the Swiss winter sports region of Arosa. Together they develop the vision of a natural skin care series based on the precious treasures that the Appenzellerland has to offer. The idea was born - and became reality in 2016 with the founding of Appenzeller Naturkosmetik AG and the LediBelle brand.

LediBelle offers natural "Clean Beauty" skin care products, especially for sensitive and demanding skin. The hypoallergenic formulas of the creams, serums, gels, masks and lotions combine traditional healing knowledge with high-quality, sustainable and natural care treasures - from alpine goat butter, Appenzeller goat whey and meadowfoam herb to aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba and avocado oil to extracts and stem cells of the alpine "anti-aging flower" Edelweiss.

The natural skin care products from the idyllic Appenzellerland are hypoallergenic and formulated using regional ingredients; they are sustainably manufactured by a socially responsible family business with a strong connection to its home region in Switzerland.

The skin care of LediBelle is therefore all-round beneficial - for sensitive skin as well as for people, animals and the environment. And last but not least for all those for whom a mindful and responsible lifestyle is important.