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LEN Histoire Privée

Markenportrait: LEN Histoire Privée

The perfume ancestral dynasty passed down in the family for two hundred years came from a French general who, in 1814, after the Coalition Wars, had obtained a position as a French teacher in the family palace of his forefathers and thus found a refuge from the hardships of the time. Later, this general, a descendant of a famous French perfume lineage, wanted to give a timeless fragrance to the lady of the palace in gratitude. This fragrance, mysterious and unique in a very special way, became the symbol of a wonderful love story. It was there, in the south of France, where the perfume was made in a small lab, that the daughter of the Russian diplomat discovered her dream of creating perfumes that would accompany people throughout their lives, just as their personal love stories do.


LEN Fragrance Gallery initially created six luxury perfumes, each for a different country and palate. The closures are made by Technicaps in France, and the painted bottles and packaging were designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff - an icon of the design and perfume world. All fragrances produced by LEN have 23 - 28% of pure perfume oils, which makes LEN fragrances some of the strongest perfumes on the market. CRYSTAL BOMB has a 30% perfume oil concentration. Behind each perfume is a love story written in English and French. Some elements from the story can be found throughout the packaging design...