Eau de Moe

Brand Portrait: Eau de Moe

Eau De Moe is more than just a perfume brand – it is an artistic experience encapsulated in every bottle. Founded by Moe, a passionate creative who infuses his love for art and design into each fragrance, Eau De Moe offers unique scents that tell stories.

The Vision
Driven by a passion for creativity, Moe's mission is to create perfume stories inspired by his personal experiences. Whether in art, fragrances, or design, each creation from Eau De Moe is a testament to Moe's journeys, adventures, and sparkling discoveries.

The Logo
The logo of Eau De Moe symbolizes the fusion of "scent and art". It reflects the diverse inspirations Moe has gathered throughout his life journey. Every design, bottle, and scent are meticulously crafted to highlight the uniqueness of this fusion.

A Scent, A Story
Each fragrance from Eau De Moe is an invitation to be captivated and inspired by a unique story from Moe's life. The perfumes are designed to provide emotional and sensory experiences that delve deep into the soul, creating lasting memories.
We hope you enjoy the scents and find inspiration in the stories they tell.